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  1. I'd be fine with some DLC's, as long as they would have some serious good content in them. If it is a way to make KSP even better, I would gladly spend some money on it.
  2. Just a small question; I was wondering which moon(s) was/were the inspiration for slate. Or is it a product of imagination? I kinda want to know now.
  3. There are really too many additions/features/improvements to be wanted. Now, I feel the greatest thing which is lacking, is a proper science system. That's also the reason I voted for science and surface features. If this is done well, it could add so much content-wise to the game. Another necessity is the addition of some mission planning gizmos ( or resources? I don't know how to call them). While I'm now an expert in guesstimating, and start doing calculations by hand, I think such a feature couldn't be left out in a game about conquering space. I know 1.2 is already packed with new f
  4. You know what's crazy, you can actually land the 2.5 m probe core all on it's own, if you do it right. If you go into a deep dive, and do a hard stall after gliding it, you can slow it down below 20 m/s! (Also, the feeling when you manage to land a broken plane, it's so satisfying)
  5. One thing I would love to have, are more minor bodies and an additional gas planet, with moons like Titan, Iapetus, Io or Europe. This would really round the game. But I think the focus should first be on making the existing bodies more interesting.
  6. Many also had a rescue mission where the pod was already taken up. Maybe a separate screen should be added in carreer, where you assign kerbals to their seats after you click launch. Something like the option to add Kerbals in the build menu. (And make this toggleable in the options menu, as I would find it bloody irritating)
  7. Well, it makes a whole lot more sense doing it this way. I am in favor of doing this. Maybe you could get more science from far off locations, where distance traveled is the determining factor. Or maybe there could be a thing such as sub-biomes within biomes, where surface samples give different outcomes. Well, there should be more to it. And yes, I also want a thorough science overhaul. Anyway, I really like the idea.
  8. All of the terrain (except the KSC) should really get roughened up. And the friction should greatly increase. The same goes for other bodies. The Mun shouldn't be as smooth as it is now. If you look at any photo of the moon or mars for that matter, you see rocks everywhere, and small hills and bumps. Now everything is just one smooth surface.
  9. Is it possible to add rough terrain on e.g. the Mun with procedural generation based on noice? Now everything looks so smooth. (I'm clearly no expert on this)
  10. 90 % of the crafts I have built in sandbox never went further than a few kilometers from the KSC. I use F5/F9 and revert flight a lot. I almost never leave Kerbin's SOI in career. When I do, it's with probes I use timewarp to stabilize my vessels. I'm very tempted to end the filght of all my orbital debris.
  11. When I need a radially attached probe core, I just stick it on a cubic octagonal strut, and sink it into the ship. But yes, we also need that part.
  12. RLA and MSR are cool (might download them once), and untill more parts are added to the game, I guess we'll have to resort to mods .
  13. Seriously, we need this. The other radial decouplers are too large for smaller probes, as all of the other decouplers took gigantic compared to a probe. Something the size of a cubic octagonal strut would work. But I guess using the 0.625m stack decoupler with a cubic octagonal strut (to creat an attachment point)will have to do . I think tweakscale works, but something in vanilla would be better. Or does someone have other workarounds?
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