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  1. Okay so this is the kerpedo. [original name i know] range of ~16 km with turbo or who knows without. speed of ~30 m/s mods. tweakscale bdarmoury i don't know how to do photos here but there are some on kerbal x Instuctions move to water point and shoot
  2. How Many screenshots. is three all right? [UI, in flight, on pad]
  3. xenon gas. it is a noble gas and therefore unable to be ionized. however the engine works by "emitting ionized xenon gas through an exhaust port"
  4. kottabos gaming did a mod spotlight, ask him perhaps.
  5. Hey can you give me permissions to release your Submarine mod on i really liked the video that kottabos games did ion it so if you could give others with 1.05 a opportunity to enjoy it that would be apsolutely great.

    Thankyou for your consideration.

    Reaper Works.

    P.S. I would need a copy of the mod.

  6. Just for a little speed like if you are slightly to sharp angle or that stuff. also i think they are physics less
  7. maybe use sepratronsto bleed a few metres/seconds of speed
  8. air intakes on wings provide pretty good hydrofoils
  9. also spinning madly when reentering works really well, even try to start to tumble. as long as your plane can recover
  10. fuel tanks have a glitch were they INCREASE the volume of containers... but the add mucho mass