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  1. Yes, i think it could Work, how i said it doesn’t matter if works with low FPS or low textures or low everything. What matrers is the game. Im not buying a pc nor ps4 to play it.
  2. Yup, o think switch is probably not enough for the Game, but come on, i would buy it even it it have Low FPS, or Low Textures, all that I want is to launch Spacecrafts, I think is Possible, not the best quality but it would Work I think, actually I used to play when the game was released on a Dual core CPU and a 512 MB video Card.
  3. Hello Guys, I’m new on the forum, and I have been in love with this Game since was released. You know is simply amazing. All you know that. and I know probably I’m asking the same stupid thing, but guys! This is a great Game, and I do not have an Xbox One, or a PS4, nor a PC. All that I Have is a: Nintendo Switch. so here we go again (I think): (I know all the technical Stuff and how difficult is to port it, I Know is a Heavy Software) but, Do you think there will be a Chance to Have KSP on the Switch? and if an admin is reading or someone of the staff, you know, you will have my Money ready for KSP on the Switch and you know very well that will not be only my Money.