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  1. A new chapter is in the making --- a standard crew of engineer, pilot and scientist have reached the Jool Orbital Science Platform. For the moment the KSC and DDRocketsInc engineers are trying to figure out how to get sufficient power storage on the platform to survive the 'night' when Jool occults the sol. Original platform had 5000 units of storage but KSC has already had to increase it with an additional solar/power truss. The 3rd launch will start the next chapter.
  2. @Geschosskopf perhaps, what has not come out in the story yet is that the Jool station is generation 2, nothing to do with Katla. Did the generation 1 have a design floor or was it sabotage against her?
  3. Chapter 13: The First Loss LOS “Not again” Picard cried “what about Katla, and Halcal, what about Zelsie he would have been sleeping in the habitation module. Is there any sign of them at all?” “No” the capsule communicator radioed back. Picard was in mission control as he had been for several days, he had just watched the Kerbin Observer scientific probe dock with the Sagan, and briefly glimpsed the smile on Katla’s face. The last thing he remembered before the deafening silence was her saying “finally something interesting to do” 2
  4. Chapter 12: Jool Orbital Science Platform / TPL - Triple Prometheus Launcher “Cerberus” [sorry for the delay due to RL commitments, I’ve been doing a lot of travelling, and in the interim built my son a nice new computer to run Assassins Creed Origins…..AMD Ryzen-5 1600X CPU, GeForce GTX-1050 Ti 4GB graphics card, 16GB ram and an SSD (for the first time). Alternis Trekking has been great relaxation! This report will mainly contain images because there have been many ups and downs (nee explosions) that have me having to redirect the story a bit.] Jeb and the KSC management tea
  5. @Geschosskopf thank you, amazingly following instructions on the original post solved the problem! I removed scatter and now can see the planet, yea. Trekking Through Alternis can now continue. Interestingly in trying to solve the problem I loaded an old save file before Picard tried to link with the Bop station. This time just by selecting it to look at made the space craft explode into a million pieces!
  6. Can anyone assist with this? Anyone familiar with my Mission Post Trekking Through Alternis will know that when I installed the modification over a 1.2.1 game the clouds of Jool were the wrong colour. Yesterday in an effort to fix that I copied the Scatter files over for Alternis. The Jool clouds are now blue as they should be but the view of Kerbin is a mess, as per the images below. In the tracking station Kerbin looks correct with the ground visible through lovely clouds, however from orbit the planet - day and night side looks like a Blue Titan! Can anyone let me know what I have done?
  7. @Geschosskopf you are right, the monopropellant tanks are clipped into the structure. I have done this before and got away with it but could be considered Kraken bait....Next model has them sitting on a sub structure of their own.
  8. Chapter 11: Getting Picard home Picard sat quietly in the Calypso, he looked out of the capsule window, he could not believe what had happened. Once second he was looking forward to stretching his legs in his new space station and then next it had…..well he was not sure what to call it…..Enterprise-D had not exploded like so many rockets he had seen explode at the KSC……he thought…….it had rapidly disassembled…..instantly. “Katla was right” he thought to himself, “Bop is cursed, no Kerbal should ever go back.” The flight controller in mission control called to his staff “I’m not
  9. Not sure, possibly just the normal Kraken. Makes for a good part of the sorry I hope! Certainly going to stay away from Bop in the future, like you have found there is no luck there!
  10. Chapter 10: [The short life of the] Bop Orbital Science Platform “Kerbin first, all we need to do is put it in orbit” Katla had been arguing with Picard Kerman the options of an Orbital Science Platform (OSP) in Kerbin or Bop orbit for 2 hours, she continued, “that way we only have to get to Kerbin orbit” “But, if we try for Bop first then we prove all technologies, reaching orbit with an approximate 15 Tonne load, refuelling, booster recovery and robotic deployment of the station” “It’s a platform not a station” “Whatever you call them, if we want to get science from all
  11. Chapter 9: Back in the Saddle --- Rendezvous and Planning for Orbital Science Platforms The Kerbals were excited. Kerballed flights were going to commence again. Bill and the engineering team pulled out the Gagarin designs and began upgrading it to accept more science experiments. “We need it include a docking adaptor for to dock 2 ships for this contract, Bill” Katla Kerman pointed out when they were going through the design “could you add some robotic control so we can get a scientist up into orbit?” “Yes, actually as we do for probes we should be able to get a remote pilot module
  12. Chapter 8: Among the Moons of Jool “I’m sorry, but even with 2.5m parts we can’t even think of stacking contracts when we have no idea the DV requirements to play among the moons of Jool.” Bill was fielding questions from the scientists of KSC, he and Fredgard had selected a couple of nice contracts for long term surveys (90 to 120 days in length) round Kerbin and Jool. Their logic was these would provide When he work up the next morning, the scientist had also accepted contracts for science missions to the Mun and Minmus. “But what about gravity assists?” one of the junior scientis
  13. @Geschosskopf Yes, as you suspected, Bop is hard to land on!
  14. Hello, Kerbanauts, RL has been getting in the way of Alternis Treks, but hopefully you will enjoy Chapter 7. Chapter 7: Controlled? Landing & Science Return While the Kerbals were trying to work out how to get satellite into retrograde orbit, the engineering team focused on the next contract, one that had been missing from the whiteboard because Katia had felt it could not be mixed with any of the others. The contract was to land on Bop. Ever since Tasha and Phoemma Kerman come up with the idea to crash land into Bop, the engineering team knew the landing parameters t
  15. @Hast5250 bernam kerman may come up in another alternate universe..........however, please look out for Chakatoy Kerman in honour of the best (in my opinion) Star Trek iteration "Voyager", you would have already seen (I hope) that [Cpt.] "Janeway" Kerman is senior scientist in the KSC team.....
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