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  1. I can't transmit science at all. It says "max transmission rate none" even if I have a working antenna that's in range, plenty of electric charge and data to transmit. It gets flagged for transmission automatically but no matter what I do, it's not transmitting. Don't know if this is a bug or what, I do have a bunch of other mods installed but they should all be compatible so I don't know if I should submit a bug report or if this is a simple issue and I just have menu blindness.
  2. What happens if there's a part pack installed that isn't supported? Do the parts not show up at all, or do they get put into the stock equivalent node like in CTT?
  3. There are solar panels generating 500 ec/s in near future electrical and the biggest nuclear reactors generate in the thousands. And it's an intentional op part, it inputs basically ore because you can convert ore into LH2 and outputs hard to get resources from CRP.
  4. It does affect all saves you make after upgrading, of course, it does. Rerolling to before upgrading would lose me a lot of progress now. It's not a technical problem, mod works just fine, I just don't want to keep my cheated upgrades. I know there's a way to remove it, I'm 100% certain it's not hard-coded into the game, that's probably impossible without dev tools or a lot of reverse engineering. I just don't know where it's stored and how to remove it.
  5. There is most certainly a reason. I was testing a bit, saved before cheating in a bunch of science to do so(it takes a cool 30 minutes to go to the title screen and back in the game), then I forgot to revert to the save before and now all my saves have the upgraded part.
  6. Basically, I love MKS but I'm not too keen on the fact that if you wanna' get material kits or supplies, you have to do the whole incredibly complex resource chain, I think there should be an alternate option that is much simpler but has some huge downsides/difficulties of its own so that rather than replacing MKS' systems, it exists in its own niche. Basically, my idea is a part named "Small Hadron Collider" (and maybe a set of parts such as a hadron collider for ants, moderately sized hadron collider, large hadron collider 2.0, and way too large hadron collider desc: do you *want
  7. Can I roll back a part that has already been upgraded?
  8. I do that already, I just prefer asking to experimenting because it takes the better part of an hour of my HDD running at 100% making my pc unusable to get from clicking on the exe to being in the VAB.
  9. I meant putting // in before just the lines that modify the converter and leaving the rest be. I think it's called commenting out or something, I don't know a lot about coding. I'm sorry if I'm bothersome, I just want to make sure before I break my saves or something.
  10. If I just delete the lines from the OSE patch that modify the OSE converter, I assume that will just revert it to using ore or will it break something? I know it would be a bit op but I swear I'll only use it for good. I just want a simple and compact solution for small-scale operations while having the complex system remain for larger scale, Deep Space Surface Habitat Unit Pack already does that for life support. I love MKS but I wish it was balanced better for small-scale, simple things rather than being almost exclusively geared towards large and complex bases. A possible fix would be tha
  11. So if I'm understanding some of the recent posts right, the Emancipator can't be refueled by design but if I install the NearFutureElectricalNTR patch, it *can* be refueled. Could someone confirm this? Also, if it is the case it really should be in the readme because it's not obvious at all and I really wish I knew that earlier.
  12. Does B9 HX work without the main B9? I already have a lot of mods and I don't really want all the spaceplane stuff. Edit: So I just immediately found the answer sooooo... I don't know how I didn't see it before.
  13. Do parts having the stock aero module in their config break far in any way or is does it just ignore it? I imagine the latter otherwise it would be a huge compatibility issue and a couple of mods add lift even to cockpits. Still, it would be nice to have it be confirmed by someone who knows what they're talking about.
  14. Can you just apply the stock gravity off to only crafts with a specific part on them, or do you have do use a workaround? If the latter is the case, what kind of workaround? I'm not a modder myself (yet) so I'd appreciate it if you gave me a good idea of how I should go about doing it.
  15. I always download mods that look like dependencies so I didn't even think to mention it but I checked it to be sure, it was there then I replaced it with the newest version and still nothing. I worked around it by downloading modular fuel tanks though so it's fine. The problem was that I didn't have anything that could store karborundum.
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