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  1. Its very difficult, but i make it to orbit 1/5 times.
  2. This now seems similar to when I modded Battlefront II. the problem is now the game wont work even without mods. I've deleted all game files and reinstalled but it still wont work. When I check the files it says ones missing and fixes it, and then when I start the game up It still wont work. I check the files again and its gone. it disappears whenever I start the game. Once the base game is fixed I will look for a new version of Firespitter to work. but the game wont work on its own now.
  3. Well, in an attempt to fix the problem I redownloaded it, so all that's there is a squad folder. The game does not work though. I cannot save nor load and it will not launch whne I finish building. there is only on spitfire folder when I had it on there.
  4. Update on the problem: Al the parts for the rockets and planes and everything are gone. there are no parts in the game now. its useless. I believe it is the Firespitter mod that is doing this. I re-downloaded but when I put the mods on, it will j=do the same thing. when I don't add the mods on, I cannot save or load things. and when I finish building, I cannot launch my ship.
  5. Hello. Bluntly put: I don't know how to do this modding thing for KSP. I might not be the only one, and because I didn't see a topic already made for this sort of thing, this is open to anyone. I'll start it off I got three mods. I was an idiot and didn't write down the names although I could look it up in my history if that is needed. But I received this error message. what do I do to fix this?