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  1. Hi @Andrewson, it looks like your link is set to private.
  2. Welcome to the forum @pokecento, you are not bad, orbital mechanics are not very intuitive and even simplified, like in KSP can take a little while to understand. Are you using the transfer window for Duna? At certain times it is far more efficient to go to Duna or any other planets. This planner gives you the transfer windows or you can just eyeball it - Duna needs to be about 44 degrees ahead of Kerbin when you do your transfer burn. Once you have an intercept and are roughly half way there you should do a 'correction burn'. This allows you to adjust your course precisely so that you arrive at Duna at the altitude and inclination you prefer (this allows you to plot a course that enters the atmosphere a little bit to benefit from aerobraking). Create a manoeuvre node about 10 minutes ahead of your present position, click on Duna and select 'focus view' - this will let you see your projected path through Duna's sphere of influence. Scroll out until you can see your node and adjust as necessary. Once you have mastered mid course correction you can attempt 'aerocapture'. If you fly deep enough into the atmosphere you can end up landing without using very much DV at all.
  3. Some content has been removed, please keep comments on topic.
  4. I get this every now and then and it scared me the first time too. It is fixed by logging out and manually logging back into your account.
  5. Hi @mike19542 this post explains how to find your log files, please upload the files to a hosting service like dropbox or google drive as posting log files directly into the forum cause page loading issues and make navigation difficult for members on mobile devices.
  6. I'm hoping that KSP 2 on my laptop will heat the house during the cold winter months.
  7. Lone wolf and cub beat ninjas all the time.
  8. Okay so you haven't unlocked the node in the tech tree yet so it looks like a rescue mission is your only option.
  9. There is no such thing as a stupid question, especially with a complex game like KSP. The Advanced Grabbing Unit or Klaw can be used to dock with vessels without docking ports, you just need to target a relatively flat surface and move into it at a 90 degree angle, it should 'grab' the stranded vessel and allow for fuel and crew transfer. Have you learnt how to dock yet? If not Minmus is a great place to learn because the slow orbital speeds make it a lot more forgiving than in Kerbin orbit.
  10. Welcome to the forum @Fantorngen, your question has been moved from KSP discussion to Gameplay Questions. You can do a rescue mission which is a time honoured, regularly celebrated tradition in my space program! You need to build a vessel with a spare seat and a bit more DV than the stranded one, rendezvous, transfer crew and science and return to Kerbin. Another option would be to build a refueller with the klaw as that will allow you to dock to a vessel without a port.
  11. Welcome to the forum @AW Kerman, as the forum itself cannot hot pictures, we upload to image hosting services like imgur or google drive and then link to them here.
  12. Cheers to you @ShinkibaKaisoku!
  13. Welcome to the forum and congratulations on stranding Jeb!
  14. Welcome to the forum @adixoom, FL-TX900 tanks are part of the Making History DLC.
  15. Welcome to the forum @Xraydon56, your issue and solution has been moved to gameplay questions to make it easier to find for anyone else who has this problem.
  16. He saw my latest design and gave it the thumbs down.
  17. There are a few, the wiki gives full statistics on them: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Probe
  18. Welcome to the forum @Jim Chamm, some probe cores are limited in their abilities (right click on the part in the VAB for what a probe core can do) and pilots require experience before they get the advanced manoeuvre options.
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