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  1. The forum itself does not host pictures so we use a hosting service like imgur or google drive. This great guide explains the process using imgur:
  2. Welcome to the forum @Le me, your post has been edited because large text blocks, like KSP log files cause thread loading issues and make the forum difficult to navigate for members on mobile devices. Please upload your log file to a service like dropbox or google files and then link to them here.
  3. Well done @paul_c, it looks like you have made a great start. Your mission report has been moved from challenges and ideas.
  4. Welcome to the forum @ArturLeda, your issue has been moved from KSP discussion as this seems more like a support issue.
  5. Welcome to the forum @bruhmomentium69, your question has been moved from KSP discussion as it is a question about gameplay. Your post has also been edited to remove a lot of white space. Where are you at in terms of gameplay?
  6. Tianwen-1 is now orbiting Mars. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-02-11/chinas-tianwen-1-probe-enters-orbit-around-mars/13146088
  7. Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your problem, @defaultstatus1, your question has been moved here from gameplay questions as it seems to be a support issue.
  8. Hello @Juan Pablo Montoya, your question has been moved from science and spaceflight as this is more about gameplay.
  9. I use Imgur, here is a great guide:
  10. Welcome to the forum @AgingSimmer and congratulations on your success, your post has been moved from KSP discussion to here, a place dedicated to mission reports. The link you posted leads to a 404 error.
  11. Mods are created by members of the community to add free content so it depends on how much time they have to devote to this. Many mods also go though a very serious testing regime before they are released so the answer is, it depends. Please remember that while it is not against the forum rules to request an update, so long as it is polite and not repetitive, it can be a little annoying to some mod makers who get bombarded with these requests so it is best to be patient or revert to an earlier version of KSP so you can continue to enjoy the mod while you wait. While I'm not a Linux user i
  12. Welcome to the forum @theCAVE, your issue has been moved from KSP discussion. Some mods are version sensitive and others require additional software to run. CKAN can automate the install and update process for many mods.
  13. Welcome to the forum @Bort kerman, your question has been moved from gameplay questions to add-on discussions as this is more about a mod. To manually install it you just need to put the SV STOCK folder into your gamedata folder, wherever KSP is installed on your computer. Unfortunately, Saturn V by DECQ was last updated in 2015 and there have been a great amount of changes to the underlying game software since the so I'm not sure if it would work. Maybe the membership could suggest some current Saturn V part mods?
  14. In that case your issue has been moved to tech support (PC, modded). Because of the difficulty in diagnosis of modded installs it is recommended you read through this post and provide the information requested :
  15. Hello @colej5390, are you running any mods?
  16. Hello @milked3301, I agree with @Curveball Anders, if your game was working and suddenly stops it generally relates to a heat or GPU issue. One quick test is to open your tower (assuming you aren't on a laptop) and see if the CPU and GPU fans are spinning. Please do not attempt to touch any parts of the CPU, GPU or motherboard while the system is connected to power, just visually confirm the fans are spinning. [Edit} If you need to mess with the parts please also wait 20 seconds after disconnection from power to allow the capacitors in the system to dissipate their charge.
  17. Thread moved from Challenges and Mission Ideas.
  18. There are many lessons to be learned but they are not structured the way the lessons in EDU have been. The forum is a great place to ask questions and get guidance about the game from friendly and knowledgeable players. I'm sure that anyone who is willing to learn the concepts themselves can also teach them to a child. I think some background reading in the basic concepts of aerodynamics and orbital mechanics would be of great use. Yes however the game involves lots of trial and error and asking for assistance than EDU. I have just purchased Kerbal EDU from the Teache
  19. Welcome to the forum @VeronikaStrel, if you are interested in purchasing KSP for only one child I think that regular KSP is the version you want. Kerbal EDU contains lessons and has been designed to work in a classroom environment with a teacher present.
  20. Overlapping threads have been merged.
  21. Thread moved from KSP discussion as it relates more to real world flight than KSP.
  22. Welcome to the forum @realjuliusPGKC, your issue has been moved to tech support (PC, modded) .
  23. Welcome to the forum @Toldzik, your question has been moved to add-on discussions - a great area to discuss mods.
  24. Welcome to the forum @goofyseeker and sorry to hear about your issue. Could you please state the operating system you are using and if you are using any mods? I do not see this behaviour in my vanilla install, it may be a video card or driver issue.
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