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  1. ok its fixed but i use the term fixed reluctantly since the action need was rather simple. Heres the isntructions. removed front wheel that came with save file put new wheel on move slightly forward. its not just me right.. thats confusing ... not the instructions... just that it worked
  2. interesting! yeah it was stationary. brakes on and yawing and sliding on the runway. maybe ill try redownloading and try again. ill also look into the canard thing. Thanks for the info
  3. thanks for the reply but ive tried high rear friction and low front friction. I set rear friction to 5 and front friction to 1 and it still slides side to side.
  4. Hi All, Long time since i been on the forums, how y'all doing. Just thought id check here before reporting a bug. It seems my old nemesis none controlled yawing is back. I encountered this in 1.11 with the wheel update when squad introduced friction and dampeners and such. Managed to find a work around at the time and then in 1.2 the issue wasn't there. Just updated to and it seems to be back. it might be because the craft was saved in 1.2 but thats something I still have to check. It seems though the issue has come back. With my craft is on the runway and
  5. so im little confused on some of the abilites with the welding side of things. I was hoping you would be kind enough to clarify for me. Say i have two parts both with docking ports that i intend to weld together does the angle snap allow me to weld them at a different angle? for example the two docking ports are placed on the attachment points as normal, the two parts are 90 degrees to each other (lets say one horizontal one vertical). but i want the vertical part to be connected at say 75 degrees (random number, and yes i know that might leave gaps) would this be possible with the angle snap
  6. not sure if this information will be useful or not but playing with the beta2.dll i found that going from space to landing on kerbin caused overheating (temperature gauges showed) but going from the landing strip to 74.0 lat 120.0 lon with 20 alt worked perfectly no heating issues at all. I repeated this 10 times to ensure it was repeatable so landing seems to be an issue when going from no atmosphere to in atmosphere due to overheating if your already in atmosphere everything seems fine.
  7. All i know is when friction was set to auto I'd yaw so wildly id end up crashing. when changing the friction the yaw is reduced. On the craft in my video the front friction is set to zero as this allows me to steer while moving over the surface hence the slight yawing at the end of the runway. Where the force comes from I dont know. I just know this overcame it for me. If i had steering at the front I could have set front friction to max aswell and maybe had no yawing. The phantom force would probably still be present but wouldnt affect me. I have now altered the craft more. No middle wheel an
  8. I found the same issue with my space plane. I was able to overcome it with friction controls I made a video for it here. Hope it helps
  9. Just FYI i installed Kerbal Engineer for 1.1.1 in KSP 1.1.2 and it seems to work fine I get the same numbers from Kerbal Engineer in 1.1.1 and 1.1.2. Not sure if this will be the same for everyone or just me. It did say when loading it was an unsupported version but after just hitting ok it worked in game.
  10. Ok this is based on preliminary test with all wheel variations but things seem to be good again and the new tweakable springs and dampeners are awesome. So i just thought Id say..... thanks squad..... your vacation is well earned.
  11. Hi, love the site got a few craft up myself at the moment. I looked over the site first but couldnt find anything relating to my question. Once a craft is uploaded is there anyway to show it works with newer versions and will actually show in the new version search results other than re-uploading it?
  12. excellent thanks for the reply I wont report a bug since its already known.
  13. So before I report a bug I Though id post here see if anyone has had the issue already and reported it or found a fix. Mainly because im not signed up for the bug tracker thing yet. In 1.1.0 I found my craft would yaw all over the runway when attempting take off. After some work I found this was mainly due to the friction control and was able to remedy the situation with some settings change on the wheels. I wanted to make sure in 1.1.1 there were no new issues, turns out there is. When im on the runway, totally stationary with RCS and SAS activated with the same friction control in 1.1.0
  14. I found my SSTO yawing from left to right on runway to. This is overcome with friction control on the wheels I made a little vid about it But since 1.1.1 though I found new issues which im posting seperately. If your in 1.1.0 though this might work for you
  15. Ok so here is my 1.1 stock 426 part 241 tonne (with fuel) SSTO Craft is capable of mining and refuelling. Has Four small rovers for resource hunt (rovers are non-recoverable) Has 2 Large Drills 1 large convertron 1 large ore tank. All science tests. 2 of the new large antenna 3 solar panels16 Landing struts so if unable to land as a plance on the wheels can land butt first. Features the kerbal safety system to keep your kerbals alive in the event of catastrophe (please not Kedillac nor Angel Corp Manufacturers accept any liability for catastrophe.... thats your fault lol). 7 Whiplash eng
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