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  1. I've encountered the same thing too, and what interesting is when you accel the time, the camera tend to go back to the correct position. go back to ksc or switch vessel can also fix. I've installed so many mods so I just cannot figure out what exactly mod caused this problem this time. or it's a stock ksp bug? PS: same/related bug post PS2: I've uninstalled these mods: docking cam tac life support dmagic orbital science the camera bug never shows again. Since docking cam are officially didn't support 1.1 yet, I believe it's the docking cam that cause camera drifting problem.
  2. I still have a problem after tried what you said. My KSP version is 1.05, with all mods up-to-date with CKAN. please help me to find out what the problem is? As the Video depicts, I've attached the "anchor node"of the rotor (which is facing down the VAB) to the Command Pod, but still behave weird when rotating this part by servo. I also tried many ways to mount my rotor but all failed. if I use stock Magic Smoke Robotics Parts, everything is just fine.