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  1. Hey guys, look this guide, step 7 (then step 6 if you use Distant Object Enhancer). Works great, the game looks really impressive. I have installed EVE, Scatterer, Distant Object Enhancer, Planetshine and the textures of KSPRC 1.0.5 with the new Texture Replacer, and the GEMFX. The results are incredible. The link of the Gemfx is in the guide, follow the link and look below "download and installation", and download GEMFXv1.0.9. Install it in the main KSP folder Don't forget to run the configurator and select the 64bit option!!!!
  2. Hi, Thanks for answering me. I've taken another screeshot with the cone range activated. Can dishes connect with omni antennas? I thought that dishes could only connect with another dishes. If so, maybe it's what's happenning here... PS: Sorry if my english is bad!
  3. Hi, I'm having an issue that's driving me crazy. Please help me! I have a vessel orbiting around Minmus (called Hermes M1) with a dish, connected to another dish (Hermes KP1) orbiting Kerbin, and an omni antenna. Thats ok, all systems nominal. Then, I have another vessel orbiting Minmus, Zetes M1, with another dish and an omni antenna. And, I don't know why, this vessel is connecting to KSC for no reason. The omni antenna is out of range (3Mm range and Minmus is 47Mm away), and the dish is connected to another vessel that is not linked to this. It's like the dish it's working as an omni... Here are the pics: 1. Dish without target 2. Vessel only connected to other vessel with omni antenna 3. Dish linked to KPII (KPII dish target is NOT this vessel) 4. Vessel connected directly to KSC! Please help me!! Thank you PS: This is happening, exactly the same, with another vessel in Mun. Identical vessel.