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  1. Hello! Im back on the forum!


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    2. Eveeloo


      When i think the Kerbal language i think swedish

      So,    Hello, how are you?    Hej, hur mår du?

    3. KerbalScience


      aye so evveloo its achully bakwards french


      spanish i mean

    4. Eveeloo


      Olah, omoc stase

  2. Just starting to build Shuttle Xæ!

    1. KerbalScience


      a shuttle nice


  3. Learn Spanish: ~ ¡Hola! - [O-la] = Hello! ~ Adiós - [a-di-Os] = Bye ~ Buenos Días - [Bwe-nos deeas] = Good Morning Come back tomorrow for more!
  4. Minmus is ice-cream, wait, no, a Kerbal tried Minmus rock and was highly poisoned, and half an hour later he died.
  5. I need help with my profile pic, I'm trying to make a planet that's half Eve half Eeloo. I've been trying for an hour now, can anyone help please? I should of put this in Kerbal Network.
  6. Kerbational Munpollo 3: The "Kerbational Munpollo 3" is a KSA (Kerbal Space Agency) mission from Kerbin to the Mün. It is just a fun little challenge I made up for myself. I used the Münar Lander S7-483, A simple lander for the Mün. Jebediah, was the first Kerbal to walk on the Mün, (well in that world). Here are the pictures of the mission: Here in an hour
  7. Its not simple for begginers, I used to just make rockets that blew up!
  8. Can you change my user name to Eveeloo please!?
  9. This is quite a fun and easy challenge for beginners, I did this and it was easy, you need to make a science base, which means adding thermometers or mystery goo canisters or things like that. If you do this challenge send screenshots (F1) of your base!
  10. I want to make rocket downloads, but I don't know how, because my ships aren't in my Ships folder, do you know why? And do you know how to make the rocket downloads???
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