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  1. Hello! Im back on the forum!


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    2. Eveeloo


      When i think the Kerbal language i think swedish

      So,    Hello, how are you?    Hej, hur mår du?

    3. KerbalScience


      aye so evveloo its achully bakwards french


      spanish i mean

    4. Eveeloo


      Olah, omoc stase

  2. Just starting to build Shuttle Xæ!

    1. KerbalScience


      a shuttle nice


  3. Learn Spanish: ~ ¡Hola! - [O-la] = Hello! ~ Adiós - [a-di-Os] = Bye ~ Buenos Días - [Bwe-nos deeas] = Good Morning Come back tomorrow for more!
  4. Minmus is ice-cream, wait, no, a Kerbal tried Minmus rock and was highly poisoned, and half an hour later he died.
  5. I need help with my profile pic, I'm trying to make a planet that's half Eve half Eeloo. I've been trying for an hour now, can anyone help please? I should of put this in Kerbal Network.
  6. Kerbational Munpollo 3: The "Kerbational Munpollo 3" is a KSA (Kerbal Space Agency) mission from Kerbin to the Mün. It is just a fun little challenge I made up for myself. I used the Münar Lander S7-483, A simple lander for the Mün. Jebediah, was the first Kerbal to walk on the Mün, (well in that world). Here are the pictures of the mission: Here in an hour
  7. Its not simple for begginers, I used to just make rockets that blew up!
  8. Can you change my user name to Eveeloo please!?
  9. This is quite a fun and easy challenge for beginners, I did this and it was easy, you need to make a science base, which means adding thermometers or mystery goo canisters or things like that. If you do this challenge send screenshots (F1) of your base!
  10. I want to make rocket downloads, but I don't know how, because my ships aren't in my Ships folder, do you know why? And do you know how to make the rocket downloads???
  11. Today, I: 1. Launched a satellite called the Mini-Satellite F0-168, Jebediah is lost in space and will plummit to his death on Kerbin. 2. Reverted the flight, so Jeb wouldn't die, then did it again, it was a sucsess! 3. Made a Science version, which basically means adding 2 goo canisters.
  12. This is my plane called the Frilled Lizard or P7-250: And from the side:
  13. The Frilled Lizard: The Frilled Lizard or P7-250 is a plane that uses A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S to make a frill. It flies like any good plane, but can't land in water. Sometimes you need to be careful, because sometimes it doesn't brake. It isn't the best plane but it flies. It's got a little horn on the front of the cockpit. {I can't do a download}. I quite like it, but it can go hypersonic quickly.
  14. No, nothing really, and I play on laptop Windows 10.
  15. Today, I will be launching the Mini-Orbiter to go to space and come back down in celebration of 1.1. It is a simple rocket designed to fly very well, and that's what it does. You can fly it like you would a drone, well, yes I tested it but you need to. It is my first "Mission" into orbit of Kerbin, which sounds stupid but, well... Let's get to it! Building: It was awkward to build because on the test flight it ran out of fuel but, I don't know if it's going to tip over. It uses a "Swivel" engine so I can steer it better and a "Terrier" for out-of-atmosphere stuff. Here are a few pictures of the building: Launching: This was obviously the funnest part of all, seeing your creation fly... It flew really well and it got into an OKAY orbit. Here are some photos:
  16. Vale, puedes ayudarme. Soy un gringo tambien.
  17. Today I launched the SpaceStationTwo and success once again!
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