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  1. Hey Pak, when you're eventually finished up with the LKS and other what-not, would you perhaps be interested in doing it's American counterpart, the Air Launched Sortie Vehicle? BTW, I know this is a tad late, but the IUS is looking gorgeous!
  2. Fair Enough, TBH they (the Rockwell engineers) probably never quite got to that point in their design. And again, I can't give you enough support with this mod, it's really awesome.
  3. Fair point, you never have done wheels before. Besides, Akron will probably include a Lunokhod in his rovers pack.
  4. What mod is this launch clamp from?
  5. So this mod is amazing, and I'm really excited to see the final release eventually. Just one quick question though, what do you plan on doing as far as a ladder?
  6. I was just thinking about a Lunokhod rover, perhaps consisting of only a few parts. It would compliment the LK nicely considering the Soviets were planning on using the rovers for cosmonaut transport.
  7. Thanks, bloody Imgur. Incidentally if anyone had read or is reading the Blue Gemini books, how are they?
  8. Following on from last post, some rather excellent technical drawings of the fictional Gemini-I spacecraft from the Blue Gemini series of thriller novels by Mike Jenne. Launched off of Johnson Atoll, Armed with radar, A satellite lasso, And a Rogallo wing landing system, This is the Black Ops Gemini the Air Force never would have had the budget for. See these drawing and more (in much better quality) 'ere. [Drawings by Ed Jenne] BTW, @CobaltWolf thanks! I find military space projects like this and the X-20 fascinating.
  9. As I've got nothing better to do, I thought I'd share some interesting USAF Gemini stuff I found on the web. First, a real life USAF Gemini Interceptor concept. [DOD Drawing cleaned up by Scott Lowther] [Model done by Zac Yates]
  10. Awesome, been waiting a while for this! Am I right that the Shuttle-Centaur mount would be for the Centaur-Gs that come with BDB?
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