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  1. That... Is awesome! The ore containers create enough kinetic energy to take out anything? I found some things are harder to take out than others. I just did a run with my battering ram the other day and was able to destroy every single building except the runway. I might be able to solve that by adding a rear shovel and backing up into the runway at high speed. XD The trick is being able to hit directly and "bounce off" before the resulting explosion can do serious harm to your vehicle. Even with the long battering ram and armored bumper you occasionally get stuck or blown to bits. I originally tried to make a missile launcher to take out all the buildings from the launchpad itself, then drop a bomb on the launchpad... But the 350m physics limitation was disabling my ability to blow them up.
  2. 57ºc should be doing it for you, though it is a tad on the warm side. That's a massive improvement from 70ºc plus! Is there any improvement in the length of time before it crashes? If not, it might actually be the GPU causing the crashes. Try bringing all your settings down to the minimum settings on graphics and see what happens. If it doesn't crash, I would incrementally start bumping up the settings until it starts crashing again and then back down a notch. And that would be a wise choice. If you don't have to be mobile, desktop is ALWAYS the better gaming solution.
  3. Ever wanted to take out all the buildings at KSC? I have. But I find it hard to destroy them all (including runway) with a single stock vehicle. Here is a vehicle that can take out pretty much everything but the runway and survive if you are careful. It acts as a giant double sided battering ram and can withstand building impacts at full speed. The bumper is effective at protecting it, but pieces can sometimes be knocked off in explosions. It's best to hit things directly with the ram if possible. Share your vehicles too! DOWNLOAD HERE!
  4. I just ran some tests and I can confirm the engine allows you to switch in moving atmospheric vehicles as long as you are within 350m. It would be nice to extend that, you could do some really fun stuff like in-flight refueling and dock-able airships if you extended that to 10,000m or higher! Now, to do something like dock with an airship... You would have to swoop down with the airship over the aircraft, get within 350m, switch, take off with the aircraft and hit a speed that keeps you within 350m, switch, quickly stabilize the the airship so it doesn't crash, switch, then finally land. LOL That seems impossible short of being Data from Star Trek TNG.
  5. Agreed. If a laptop, make sure the vents are unobstructed so the fan can work as efficiently as possible. I would crack it open and physically inspect the heat sink/heat pipe/impeller fan and try to remove any dust/hair/whatever with a can of compressed air. That should drop the temp a bit if there was significant built up. While you have it open, you could clean off the old heat sink grease and apply Arctic Silver 5 instead (be careful when applying as it is slightly conductive due to the silver content). That, in combination with cleaning, will result in significant temperature reduction. If a desktop, I would also pop the case off and use compressed air on everything. Make sure fans haven't quit working. You will get similar gains with Arctic Silver 5 here as well. If all else fails on the desktop, you can get a bigger heat sink and higher CFM fans. Water cooling is also an option, but you shouldn't need it unless you are overclocking the heck out of that CPU.
  6. Yes... As long as those vehicles aren't moving. Try flying a plane, then switching to another plane while moving. I think you'll find it doesn't work because the game won't let you switch vehicles while moving. Believe me I've tried. I know in the example I'm 3.5k off the ground, but I tried repeatedly to switch while it was within 2.3km range of a small parked aircraft.
  7. Quick question. Why can't I switch between two craft while moving in the atmosphere? I got what I thought at the time was a really good idea to make a flying aircraft carrier... Until I realized it was impossible to land anything on it while it was in the air. I'm guessing this is why KSP has no plans for multiplayer, lol.
  8. ~ Triton Mk-IV ~ 224 Parts, Stock, Version 1.3.1 Ever wanted to check out the seas of Laythe with a speed boat? How about some off road dune action? Perhaps an enjoyable flight past picturesque mountain peaks? Using the Triton Mk-IV, you can do all 3 with 1 launch. Establish an adventure colony on Laythe today! THE ROCKET Triton Mk-IV rocket: Designed to deliver a small 4 kerbal exploration team and 3 vehicles to Laythe (one way). Straight forward stage progression and generous delta-V values make getting to Laythe an enjoyable experience. After you drop the first stage, slowly push forward a full 90º until you are parallel with the surface. This should put your apoapsis at around 80~90k. Keep your remaining stages right on the horizon and if you do it right, your nukes will only need to use about 100dV or so to put the periapsis at 80~90k and all the prior stages will de-orbit properly. This will leave you with an orbital craft sporting just over 8,200dV, plenty for the journey to Laythe. Once there, simply de-orbit over the ocean and let the parachutes do the work. THE VEHICLES Trident: A jet boat and vehicle carrier. It's purpose is to transport the Beast from island to island, unloading and reloading it from beaches. It can achieve speeds over 42 meters per second and has reversible jets that act as brakes. It has good steering and enough fuel to reach land from nearly any landing location in the ocean. Always open and close the loading ramp slowly using the percentage slider. If you are stuck on a beach, you can reverse full thrust and use the ramp to dislodge. (packed on the Triton Mk-IV) PRESS "1" to toggle thrust direction. Beast: A mining and fuel refinement truck. The truck can be used to explore deep inland and produces fuel for the other two vehicles. It has a narrow wheel base to allow for unloading and loading on to the Trident. Always slow down below 10 meters per second for turns or steep hills. If you start to tip over, counter steering can often save you. In flatter areas, you can safely go 20~35 meters per second without tipping over. (packed on the Trident) PRESS "2" to toggle solar panels when on land. Firebolt: A very small and highly maneuverable jet weighing less than 900kg! It is capable of flying medium distances and is perfect for surveying the surrounding area. Even with a kerbal in the seat it has zero torque, allowing maximum benefit from the SAS. It is very easy to land, but care must be taken to prevent crashes. Using the brakes it can take off and land using a very small area. Keep SAS on at all times. It is the fastest of the 3, allowing for horizontal flight speeds of over 160 meters per second. (packed on the Beast) DOWNLOAD THE CRAFT FILE HERE! IMAGES OF A SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH! Design Notes: *Craft is turned 90º left on launch pad to accommodate unorthodox payload shape, just press up/forward instead of right when turning into orbit. **Once deployed, the Firebolt cannot be combined with the Trident and Beast again for sea transport. However, the Firebolt has enough range to follow the Trident most places and can be flown separately.
  9. Lancelot Mk-IX I just wanted to share a rocket I made. It is designed to launch an orbital space ship that can mine on 11 different planets and moons. In fact, it's possible (through mining) to visit and plant flags on all 11 worlds before returning back to Kerbin. It has an extremely capable lander that utilizes the largest wheels and mining equipment. The normal crew is 2 pilots, 11 engineers, and 1 science officer (because it would be unlucky to have a crew of 13). Mineable planets and moons include: Mun, Minmus, Gilly, Moho, Ike, Duna, Dres, Vall, Bop, Pol, and Eeloo. Here is the CRAFT FILE Here is a IMAGE SLIDE SHOW - to show how it works. CONTROLS: Ship: controls for the combined ship and lander. 1. Primary Solar (6 panels |ship) 2. Secondary Solar (2 panels |lander) 3. Primary Thermal Control (2 medium |ship) 4. Secondary Thermal Control (2 small |lander) 5. Docking Lights (Red = Bottom 7, Green = Top |ship) 6. Night Driving Lights (1 spot light, 1 soft light |lander) 7. Primary Engines (toggle to decrease/increase power by 66.6% |ship) 8. Secondary Engines (toggle to decrease/increase power by 33.3% |lander) Lander: controls for the separated lander only. 9. Toggle Ladder (Extends ladder down from the driving platform) 0. Lander Solar (Activates all 4 panels)
  10. Oh, great idea! Yeah, I was using rover wheels. The only problem is I'll have to have a new way to move around... Maybe RCS or something. It's very frustrating that I can't use rover wheels to make a rover that can undock safely from this platform. This has to be a bug...
  11. Hello! I've got a problem that's preventing me from completing one of my projects. I'm building a off-shore drilling platform. When Vehicles land on the platform, I want to refuel them with a small vehicle that disconnects from the platform and connects with the landed vehicle. However, when I disconnect the Clamp-O-Tron Jr, the refueling vehicle gets launched up to 1,000 meters straight up in the air. If I move the wheels up so they aren't touching the platform, the problem goes away, but I'm unable to move the vehicle. If there is ANY wheel contact with the platform what so ever, the vehicle goes flying when I disconnect. I've tried various spring and dampener settings and it still goes flying. Any suggestions? The vehicle / docking ports are mounted on M-2x2 panel. Is there another material I can use that doesn't result in my refueling vehicle turning into a bullet? On the flip side, at least I have a way to make extremely fast projectiles without propellant...
  12. I'm sorry, but this forum is very poorly designed. Why can't I insert images that don't come from imgur? I don't want to use it, any HTML based image source should do. Furthermore, where is the preview button? Even the most basic, out of the box forums come with a preview button. Funny that one of the most advanced games out there has one of the least advanced forums.
  13. Hello everyone! I just wanted to share a little SSTO I made for fun, I call it the Banana Twins. It has two separate landers that can independently land on Mun/Minmus and return to the main craft. So really, this is 3 separate craft in 1. All 3 craft contain a probe core so they can be controlled remotely. 100% reusable design, nothing is lost except fuel. If you can manage to land it at KSC, it's even possible to refuel and do more missions. It's a bit tricky to fly, but it's perfectly balanced and provides just enough punch to get into orbit. The trick is activating the NERVs at 15,000m (while going close to 1,400m/s) and then switching RAPIER modes at around 20,000m. The Whiplash engines provide nice economy for transport and landings. The landers throw the main craft off balance when they deplete their mono-propellant, so there is extra mono-propellant to top off the landers when they return to the craft. It's capable of unpowered landings as well. 100% stock, v1.2.2. Enjoy! Image 1 Image 2 Craft File
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