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  1. My tug is docked with my space station, i want to refuel it. I alt-right click the tug's fuel tank, alt-right click the space station's tank, click out on the stations tank and nothing happens. I cannot even move the menus around, they just don't respond to anything.
  2. [1.2] RCS Build Aid v0.9.1

    I love this mod! it is so incredible helpful i wish they would put it, or something like it, into the game itself. So you can imagine my frustration when it doesn't seem to work with version 1.3.
  3. Mun in one trip

    I am going to try the Rover approach. Landings are quite tricky and if you get one wrong you would have to start over. I think driving a cross the surface would be much safer. The only question is how do i get it there? I have to: 1. Get it into Kerbin's orbit 2. Get it to Mun 3. Get it down to Mun's surface safely 4. Remove it from the landing vehicle. FYI, i am doing this in Research Mode, so if you were wondering 'why i do not use *insert part here*' it is probably because i do not have it yet.
  4. Why can't i get these rovers to dock?

    What makes no sense to me is why would they be misaligned vertically? Horizontally, is obvious if the rover is not pointed in the right direction, by why would they be off vertically? They are the same machine so they everything should be in the same location. I tried repositioning the wheels but they still are not aligned. Has anyone been having trouble with the SPH? pieces not snapping to the right location?
  5. Why can't i get these rovers to dock?

    Here is what confuses me. Before contact... After contact... How can their alignment be that far off if they are that close? Also when they were touching the two rovers were shaking, almost like the docking ports were trying to click together but not making it. Both rovers are the exact same design so its not that.
  6. I am trying to build a rover with the docking method, only i can't get these two to dock even though the docking ports are right on top of each other. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?
  7. Show off your junk

    We all have all kinds of debris drifting around the solar system. I am up to about 37 parts not counting all the probe cores i used to build my space station and a couple empty fuel tankers. So track some down and take a picture so we can see what is drifting through your system. This must be from one of my lunar missions, though how it made it all the way down to kerbin in one piece is beyond me. This is a booster from my orbital survey of minmus, funny thing is it is my first interplanetary probe because it is on its way to Duna. This must have been out there a long time, i can't remember the last time i used a big orange for anything.
  8. Mun in one trip

    I am trying to design a lander of some kind that can carry all the experiments down to the surface then back into orbit, dock with a station to transfer the data and refuel then head back down. Its not easy, it needs a docking port, an RCS system, landing struts and at least one of every experiment. If anyone has done this before, could you show me a picture?
  9. Mun in one trip

    My question is should i transmit the data back to kerbin? or should i store it and bring it all back at once?
  10. Mun in one trip

    Not a challenge, just something i really REALLY want to try! The idea is to complete all Mun research, that is every experiment in every biome and recover all the data before returning to Kerbin. Has anyone ever tried that?
  11. Asteroid Interceptor

    I got it to work! Asteroid Interceptor 2 actually works and Kerbin now has 3 moons!
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    I caught myself an asteroid! Woohoo!
  13. Illustrated Tutorial for Orbital Rendezvous

    Thank you! Thanks to these guides i finally managed a rendezvous, so thank you for posting. This is what i was having the most trouble with as my orbit would be way off the target's and require a long burn just to adjust the inclination. So thank you for the help! Also, to mark the launch site i had a kerbal plant a flag at the command center so when i click 'display flags' it shows the launch site flag so i can make the alignments in the tracking station instead of when i launch the vehicle.
  14. RCS Thruster Malfunctioning

    Thank you for showing me the RCSBA mod, that really, REALLY helped a lot. Yeah, my RCS thusters were way off the mark, they were trying to compensate but could not quite manage it. Thanks!
  15. [Stock] KH-47 Kinchook Helicopter

    How do you make the rotors spin? I can't get them to move, they just turn the entire vehicle.