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  1. Thank you! KER was actually what i was using before but there was an update and it stopped working. And with my old PC gone i couldn't look at what i downloaded. Thank you!
  2. My old PC died and its been so long that i can't remember what mods i had installed on it. But there was this one that was ridiculously useful because it showed you what biome you a maneuver would take you to. I loved it as it was ideal for when you wanted to research a specific biome. Except i can't remember what it was called and given that there have been updates since then i'm not even sure it will still work. So does anyone have a mod that does something similar? Thanks
  3. Because its Christmas, how about a mission build around landing at the North Pole? Of course that is easy, its how i test out my Mun Landers, so how about setting up some kind of research base at the North Pole? Now it has to be at the North Pole so it has to be in the center of the polar cap. Bonus points if you can make it give it christmas decorations.
  4. Given SpaceX's success, sending supplies and crew to the ISS and now more recently, launching a research satellites for NASA and the ESA it seems that we are moving towards an era of the privatization of space. To me this is not necessarily a bad thing but it does make me wonder what role government controlled organizations like NASA and the ESA will play in the future? Any speculations?
  5. Wow! You are a steely eyed missile man!
  6. I am happy to report that the first flight of the Lunar Research Vehicle 02-D1 was successful, for the most part... Yeah, not my best landing. I have seen landers bounce on touch down but this one nearly took off again, then it rolled at least a hundred meters. I managed to get it up right again but decided this would not work for a landing site. Being on a slope i had to use the SAS to keep it from tipping and since it was in the shadows the solar panels were useless. I was unable to deploy the ground base like i had wanted to but all crew members returned to Kerbin safely.
  7. Thank you! You wouldn't happen to know where i can find a good Delta-V map, would you? I have one but i am worried its a bit out of date.
  8. Does that actually work? I have been trying to design a lander using the MK2 Lander Can but i can't seem to give it enough Delta-V.
  9. This is why I can't make it in career mode... All that remains of my air force... What is funny is this is literally the closest i have ever come to Duna.
  10. How about this? I always liked the MoonScoot 3000 from the Exploring Gilly scenario and was annoyed when i found it was not on the list of stock spacecraft in sandbox mode. This is a modified version, i dropped the ion thruster and solar panels to save mass and added another monopropellant tank. It works, i landed it Minmus from 9K orbit but it's hard to pilot because it doesn't have an 'engine' so the SAS doesn't know which way to point it.
  11. I have a similar problem with my new asteroid. Its in a stable orbit but I can't seem to reach it because i just don't have enough Delta-V. I tried adjusting my orbit during take off but I can't get it right. Once i had the AN/DN down to about 25 but then it shot up to over a hundred.
  12. Neutronium is essentially what a neutron star is made of, hence the name. It is quite literally the densest material in the universe because it is theoretically impossible to be any denser then a neutron star. The whole star is one ginormous atom composed of nothing but neutrons because all the protons and electrons have been smashed together to form more neutrons. If you somehow had a chunk of it, say the size of your fist, that one chunk by itself would way something like 10^17 tons. To cut it you would need to generate a temperature comparable to a super nova.
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