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  1. Yea, After 1000 hours of not being able to efficiently make a STTO space plane I have to given up, ;-; good bye STTO's
  2. I have conducted an experiment on the effects of physical time warping on take off. here are the details. CONSTANTS- same spacecraft used throughout, same mass(3.515t), SAS enabled before launch, Time Warp enabled before launch, Same pilot used.(Richwig Kerman) Control (no time warp) Max Altitude Max Speed TEST 1- 9,946 m 342 m/s TEST 2- 9,945 m 342 m/s TEST 3- 9,945 m 342 m/s Warp x2 ------------------------------------------------------------- TEST 1- 9,943 m 342 m/s TEST 2- 9,942 m 342 m/s TEST 3- 9,942 m 342 m/s Warp x3 ------------------------------------------------------------- TEST 1- 9,938 m 343 m/s TEST 2- 9,938 m 343 m/s TEST 3- 9,938 m 343 m/s Warp x4 ------------------------------------------------------------- TEST 1- 9,936 m 343 m/s TEST 2- 9,934 m 343 m/s TEST 3- 9,936 m 343 m/s OOHHHH K, *smacks lips* There is roughly a 10 metre decay between the no time warp test and the 4x time warp test (Take into account the mass of the vessel,3.515t,), and minimal speed change, how ever, this was conducted with a relatively light craft. I plan on do more test with heavier vessels. Although I would not be surprised if someone else has already tested this, but it was a fun experience to do so myself. I would like to test more questions If anyone has any. And good luck Kerbalnauts .
  3. I value the ships more than the kerbals many times I've went to greater lengths to protect the vessels rather than save kerbals ( vessels can be re-crewed : D ) I also have over 1000 hours in ksp and have yet to build a successful STTO space plane.
  4. Ok, Thanks for clearing that up for me : D
  5. I been wondering about the magic boulder for a while, I've seen conspiracy's pointing out pol is the new boulder?, I've seen people say that its probable orbiting kerbin in a polar orbit. But the most doable thing I've seen is that the magic boulder is a random asteroid texture, So My maiiiiin question is, is the magic boulder a random asteroid texture? if anyone knows.
  6. Hello There, today I have a simple task for our Kerbalnauts. Travel Kerbin all the way around in a one plane as fast as possible. RULES: 1) Must use some sort of aircraft. 2) Jet engines only. 3) Must not go Suborbital. 4) Stock parts only. 5) Have to visit both poles, (with evidence) 6) You are allowed to mine ore. (if you really want to for fuel) 7) Do so as fast as possible NO assistance mods, Kerbal engineer is allowed. Will make some sort of badge.
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