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  1. I've been in class for work for a while, I'll try to take a look and add an option to change the baud rate when I get a bit of time.
  2. I'm still in the process of building my controller. Reloading KSP multiple times to check/verify changes to the Arduino code was a bit tiresome. I've hacked zitronen's code up a bit to the point that I have a "debugging" tool, which is almost fully functional. It allows you to see/verify the incoming data from the Arduino, as well as send control values to the Arduino. Realizing that most people have customized this is some way, the project is open source. I don't want to hijack this thread or flood it with input/comments, you can find my post about it here:
  3. I've developed a simple tool for testing/debugging custom display/controllers which use the KSPSerialIO mod by @zitronen This allows you to monitor controls from the Arduino, as well as send control values to the Arduino. Reloading KSP multiple times, and the lack of real time onscreen data make this tool a bit more efficient in finding what isn't working. It also allows you to test/play with your display or controller without loading KSP. The project is open source and can be found on my github at Thoughts ? Ideas ? Found a bug ? Please reply to this thread. Once things smooth out I will add a link in the application to the Report Issue feature on github, as well as this thread. Currently this only runs on windows, and you must build it from the source.
  4. @zitronen Yes, that's exactly what I did. Very crude and to the point just to see if it would work. The UNO with the WCH340 > The Mega with the WCH340 >
  5. @zitronen Did some testing on windows 10 because I was bored. I purchased two Unos that use the WCH340 chip, they both work perfectly. Reading over the entire thread I saw a mention of using a proxy app to receive UDP from KSP and relay that out the serial port using System.IO.Ports. I gave that a shot, but again it fails with the Uno using the Atmel 8u2, but works great with the WCH340 chips. The WCH340 chips keep on working as long as I keep the UDP listening, but the ATmel chip always hangs up on the serial port methods before reaching an AP of 500m, so it doesn't fail right away, but I can't make it work.
  6. Both of mine are knock offs, the Uno is using an Atmel Mega8u2 (Arduino driver) , the Mega is using a WH 340G (driver from
  7. EDIT: Yes, throttle does work! I believe it is the windows usb-serial driver. I built a small winforms app that uses System.IO.Ports, it simply sends the handshake packet, the Mega responds, the Uno doesn't; so it has the exact behavior as the.wrapper you are using. I've verified that my Uno does work on Win7, so that really points towards the windows driver as well; however it seems really odd that the Arduino IDE is able to work with the Uno on Win 10 if it is the driver tho. I know you've put alot of time and effort into this project already, I'm not asking you to dive back in and attempt to fix this; just passing along what I thought might be useful. Thank you for sharing your work.
  8. Yes, switches work, I haven't added the throttle yet, waiting on my slide pot to arrive tomorrow and will report back, but I have no doubts it will work. What is strange to me is that my Uno doesn't work, but the Mega does....
  9. zitronen: This is working flawless for me on Windows 10, so long as I am using my Mega 2560. I was just wondering if anyone else has the Mega 2560 working with windows 10, or I am just the lucky one?
  10. Made an account just to post this reply. I have this working on Win10 using the Arduino Mega 2560. My Uno still doesn't work tho. Didn't make any changes, anyone else having luck with the Mega ? I'm currently building my dad a PC and want to make a custom control panel for him, but I don't want to stick him with windows 7 just to use this if I can avoid it.