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  1. 100% same issue for me.. On both my computers, it made me stop playing KSP. The only thing I've been doing in KSP lately is trying to fix the goddamn issue.. It's annoying me quite a lot, I keep seeing a black line on the runway and when I fly near the ground I always stutter each 3-4 seconds and I hear some kind of splashing sound. Totally ruined my experience Edit: I actually have same specs on one of my computers: CPU: i5 6600k 3.6ghz GPU: GTX 1080 16 gb DDR4 ram
  2. Because there is certainly no physics applied to that.. What were they thinking about..? Edit: Okay i read the comments there.. I have no will to live on this planet anymore.. How in all posibilities can people belive that this is even possible? They are just sitting there thinking they know everything about science, replying to each other trying to "correct".
  3. Haha, that is awesome, i really like how it just flips around transforming I'm excited for when (or if) you put it up for download
  4. When 1.2 is out i'm going to eat it. Wait no! I'm not going to eat 1.2?! 1.2 is close now! wait, thats not funny, comic sans is forbidden.. I'm going to get eaten because i told you i was goind to eat 1.2 and i used comic sans.. Woops
  5. Nono, i know all that. The thing is that the time was going so quick, and i didn't expect 1.2 so fast, i know there was the QA testing and such Why did you add my "post"?
  6. Well, i tried ksp on my mac (of course i've got a gaming pc). But yeah, i couldn't run lowest settings on lowest resolution without getting over 20 fps :/ But yeah, i think it is possible to at least take the savefile and crafts from pc to mac, but not the whole game
  7. Okay, that is crazy That is a really nice plane, but WAIT WHAT?? Do you have the exhaust refraction mod? Where did you get it? I must have it, now!
  8. Weird enough, i make planes, then i end up flying them around the planet landing at kerbinside airports, so maybe my b/f ratio is 20/80 even though i have the option to travel to the whole solar-system, i choose to stay on kerbin
  9. I said that to the other post :3 And i ment kerbpaint anyways
  10. That's really cool! I'm quite scared for that to come hunt me down
  11. Wow! I really really like the way you made all that details! there is even a truck jumping over a bunch of tanks!! That is awesome, good work! That is cool! Did you use tweakscale?