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  1. Leandro Basi

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    I don't remember what i have done to make KS3P works with D3D11 but this is my working config:
  2. I have to rewrite my test.I forgot to remove the directory with KSP-1.4-fixes.dll, after removing, the problem with the icons came back. Where should I write the patch? Should any specific name be given to the .cfg file?
  3. I have test now, and without activating alternate fix with D3D11 scatterer, EVE and KS3P is ok!
  4. Leandro Basi

    [KSP 1.6.1] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.74 "Warpspeed"]

    There a way to make clouds fade more subtle or visible at great distance?
  5. I cant load KSP with opengl. My game freezes in load screen.
  6. Leandro Basi

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    Thanks! This info solved my problem with KS3P and D3D11 command line!
  7. Leandro Basi

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    What means AO feature?
  8. Thanks for this excelente mod! There's a way to make smokes more dense? Thanks!
  9. Leandro Basi

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    I'm having the same. Flicker or black screen. The visual mods i have is Astronomer's Visual Pack v3.7 Scatterer 0.0329 B9partswith v2.2.2 B9animationmodules v1.2.0 RealPlume 1.2.0 PlanetShine latest version Texture Unlimited latest version I am using commandline -force-d3d11 -force-d3d11-no-singlethreaded
  10. I am having the same exception. I have Cryo tanks and engines installed. Any sollution?
  11. Leandro Basi

    [KSP 1.6.1] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.74 "Warpspeed"]

    I really like this mod, but i am having this strange shadows colors!? https://imgur.com/a/VTZPz Anybody know how to solve?
  12. Leandro Basi

    [1.5.1+] Click Through Blocker

    Thanks for reply!