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  1. I have make a feel tests and this happens when revert flight to VAB option! After exit VAB, tufx effects go out!
  2. After entering VAB and try a new launch the effects go out then i need to press tufx button again! This is correct or maybe i have any problem?
  3. Nevermind! now i try install to screenshot error and the process finish successfully! I think a reinit system have fixed. Thanks
  4. I think you have any conflicts or corrupt install. This mod is working very well without any glitches.
  5. Thanks! I have update all other mods (CryoEngine, NearFuture, etc) in ckan, but the Kerbal Atomics is not listed!
  6. I spent a long time without playing ksp and now that I came back I updated all my mods and everything seems to work correctly, but I only now saw that raster prop is no longer being updated and this new project is in progress. Can I simply delete the raster prop without affecting the mods that use it and put the MAS? thank you
  7. I don't remember what i have done to make KS3P works with D3D11 but this is my working config:
  8. I have to rewrite my test.I forgot to remove the directory with KSP-1.4-fixes.dll, after removing, the problem with the icons came back. Where should I write the patch? Should any specific name be given to the .cfg file?
  9. I have test now, and without activating alternate fix with D3D11 scatterer, EVE and KS3P is ok!
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