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  1. I have the same problem as some others with the electrical hover engine not working on non-oxygen atmospheres. I've tried it with only your mod & hyperedit to make sure and I confirm that on Duna They do not work If you need me to test something or whatever, just ask; the rover is neat and the engiens are neat, I want to help make them fly again Edit: I'm on 1.7.1
  2. Very nice mod! Still early in my save but I love it, gives me more reasons to do stuff. Once thing I hate though, is the limited number of possible containers, so I've made a MM patch to enable any ConfigurableContainer-enabled storage (a mod) to hold PCS ressources. I've tried to make it respect the same ratio between ressources and to roughtly use the same valume as you do. This way I can make ligth crafts that carry only a handful of snacks as needed for quick excursions to moons & such Here is the patch if you want: https://hastebin.com/afiqoyociw.makefile
  3. It indeed is Or south ? I 'm not sure; but a pole yes Lua is reallly neat, I'm so gonna colonize it!
  4. I was right to restart a new save, Beyond Home is Beyond Beautiful and that makes Bob very happy
  5. Amazing! Now I have to abandon my save to use your system and I will *GLADLY* do so
  6. I also experience this problem, ship view is at a steady 60fps, map view at 10ish fps. After *many* hours of testing I pinpointed it on Kopernicus and more specifically the 1.4.5-3 update. Even more specifically this bit of code added in Kopernicus.RuntimeUtility.cs is the culprit: // Apply orbit icon customization foreach (MapNode node in Resources.FindObjectsOfTypeAll<MapNode>()) { if (node.mapObject != null && node.mapObject.celestialBody != null && node.mapObject.celestialBody.Has("iconTexture")) { Texture2D texture = node.mapObject.celestialBody.Get<Texture2D>("iconTexture"); node.SetIcon(Sprite.Create(texture, new Rect(0, 0, texture.width, texture.height), new Vector2(0.5f, 0.5f), 100, 1, SpriteMeshType.Tight, Vector4.zero)); } } I recompiled with it commented out and it's back to 60 fps For other people with the problem until this is addressed (this may be an interreaction with an other mod ? no idea), using 1.4.5-2 version works fine for me.
  7. Better have it late than bad And we all know Angel125 doesnt do bad!
  8. As the others said, great thanks for the awesome mod And a question/suggestion: what about adding support for the Hangar mod so that stuff we put in KPBS existing hangar doesnt stress the system? Much thanks
  9. Add what? auto reactivating drills and stuff? if you can that'd be super neat (I'd still like to understand why my kOS script fails though ) but if you do you nee to not only handle the stock drills but pathfinder ones as they are not the same module Thanks!
  10. I'm using WorldStabilizer which gently "re-lands" stuff on load to avoid bugs, works fine but it means that drills do not touch ground for a bit and deactivate. So I got tired of reclicking them on each time and instead tried to make a kOS script for it. It hum .. "kinda works" Script for reference: https://hastebin.com/hosodeyiba.sql So raelly simple, I find all haciendas with "Start Ore" action available and "click" it. and it works, the ore starts flowing in but each time it starts a drill there is an exception (and thus my script ends and only enabled one drill ...) : https://hastebin.com/mudigajifu.vbs As you can see it fails with a NullReferenceException in WildBlueIndustries.ModuleBreakableHarvester.StartConverter. All in all I'm surprised that it still seems to start drill fine (the UI shows ore/sec and all). Any idea to save my awesomely automated bases ? Thanks for all your work!
  11. OMFG yes! Much thanks, asclepius is like my fav planet
  12. It does indeed seem to work now Edit: Oh wait it worked *once*, I could see the geology UI and all, even started a research. Then I closed it, tried clicking on mange operation and it doesnt do anything anymore, instead it adds a new "Start converter" line to the menu ... Getting this error in the log: