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  1. Ok, good to know. I'll probably hold off on making a new save then. Sorry to hear about your graphics card, best of luck with everything irl and thanks for your hard work!
  2. Will a 1.2.2 save of GPP work on 1.3 once the update comes out? I appreciate any replies.
  3. Does anyone know of a realistic H-IIA mod or know if a patch exists for this mod? I'd appreciate any info Thanks in advance!
  4. That is great to hear! I would always use RSS Expanded for Ceres, Vesta, and some other minor bodies, and Uranus having some moons is some awesome news. I ended up going back to RO/RSS in 1.2.2 for some enhanced realism but will probably update to RSS in 1.3 once the new release is here. Keep up with the good work!
  5. If I use the 1.3 patch to start a new save, will it be compatible with the official 1.3 release of RSS?
  6. Does anyone know how to scale down the size of the sun "surface" with Kopernicus? When Kopernicus is installed the sun's "surface" view when the sunflare is blocked by a craft is much bigger than it should be. It is so big I can see it outside of the sunflare, just curious if there is a way to disable this feature or to scale it down. Example Fixed using SVT sun configs!
  7. Just wanna say how much I appreciate the work that goes into this mod and how amazing all of the parts look. I have not been able to play any save without this mod installed because any other satellite or probe cannot compare to the awesome looking ones that come out of this mod. Thank you!
  8. Firstly, I would like to say I love this mod and the remodel of Dragon and Falcon look awesome! Great job! However, I've noticed a small issue with the new Rodan command pod. When a kerbal is EVA and try to climb back in, they can't, there is no ladder to grab on to and using the EVA pack you cannot board the capsule through the hatch either. I'm not exactly sure what caused this but figured that it was good to see if this only happens for me. Again, thank you for your awesome work!
  9. Nevermind, I did it! So I left the FF folder and took a look at the RSS folder and how it was formatted with the Ribbons folder inside. When looking at that group of celestial bodies, I noticed a config that came with them. The config contained a path that said "ribbon path = RealSolarSystem/Ribbons" so, I noticed the pattern how the folder the ribbons were located in matched up with that path (should've realized that earlier). I dropped the Ribbons folder in the SSRSS folder and changed the path to say "ribbon path = SSRSS/Ribbons" and it worked! Fix for future reference: I would like to thank you for helping me, I really appreciate it!
  10. Ok. Thank you, I appreciate the help! If there is any way I can help (providing my FF folder, etc.) I'd be happy to do so.
  11. Tried this: Didn't work Am I doing something wrong?
  12. I didn't do anything until I realized there were no ribbons for the SSRSS bodies (Moon, Earth, etc.)
  13. Does anyone know how to get SSRSS ribbons working? I was fiddling around with the RSS pack but can't find a way for it to work.