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  1. Hi. I've had the steam controller since before it was well supported in this game and I actually had a control scheme I made that I really really like that only involves two action groups but very effectively covers all aspects of the game. My issue is that while using my own control profile, the game still wants to switch between Squad's premade action groups on their default control scheme. So, my two action groups keep switching back and forth on their own between the map and everything else and it's throwing off my controls lol. Is there a way to turn that automatic action group switching off? I really like my control scheme and I'm hoping not to have to remap everything in the default control scheme by hand just to work around this. If I have to, I have to. But I've had things working this way for a while and it's really comfortable. Edit: The issue seems to be intermittent, which suggests it's probably a bug where the game isn't consistently recognizing separate steam controller configurations. I'll report it as such but leave this up in case there's any thoughts.
  2. Which set of rcs controls are you using? Do you switch to docking mode? Are you using linear rcs (ijklhn keys) to move up down left and right as well as turn? There are a lot of different points where docking becomes difficult, just being successful at orbital rendezvous ( like you clearly are) is something to feel accomplished with. All I can say without knowing what exactly the hang up is, is that docking is VERY similar to getting a Kerbal on eva to get back into a hatch. The linear rcs controls are the most important at those low speeds, not turning.
  3. Dang... Lemme get to Eve first lol. Thanks though. I'll be into that one soon.
  4. Thank you very much for this. It's exactly what I'm searching for. I feel like the line between what's in the game and what's in the wiki and mods is growing without any steps to trace. It's a shame because this game presents a great opportunity to learn and use these mathematical formulas in a rewarding way.
  5. Believe it or not, I could not at all see the apoapsis or periapsis on the info panel. What you're describing is something I understand, but cannot see from the info panel. There are things like Equatorial radius but nothing about altitude or orbit from what I see on there. So other than the wiki, it's as if the numbers to do the work simply aren't available.
  6. I've been looking into how to math launch windows for the different planets (and back). Using the T equals pi times suare root of "a" cubed over gravitational parameter (I don't know how to type equations, at home I have a chalk board and a TI 83 Plus). For those familiar, I've found the math easy. No problems there. What I'm having trouble figuring out is where all the numbers are in the game. A given planet's apoapsis, periapsis, and semi major axis are all there in the wiki, but whenever I'm in the tracking centre or the map screen, I'm only seeing apo and peri for objects and simple blank orbit drawings for planets, moons etc. If I click to focus Duna for instance, I can see info given like its current altitude and physical properties, but nothing pertinent to the equation at hand. Is there anywhere in the game that these numbers in the wiki are coming from? Is there more math involved to work out those values from what little is given on the info page in the tracking centre? As an aside, I'd really hoped to play the game as is. I showed up really really late to the party and I'm a little sad to see that the math hayday has passed and everything is now all in wiki pages, and self calculators and mods. It would've been really fun to just be figuring this all out.
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