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  1. EDIT: Never mind, I forgot to refresh the page for a while and was ninja'd.
  2. [1.3.X] KS3P

    You are a genius.
  3. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    KSPRC in 1.3
  4. Standardizing your Action Groups

    Orbital mode (extend solar panels, close intakes, toggle RAPIERs, etc.) Landing mode (activate ISRU, extend ladder/drills, etc.) Science (pretty obvious) Clear science experiments (in case you have duplicates)
  5. @olekopyto I believe the value you're looking for is m_betaR, however, you will also require new textures from the scatterer config tool Edit: Also there is a section on how to use the config tool in the OP
  6. @UranianBlue No, as in the Kopernicus system.cfg, there is no ocean for you to edit; it's pulled from the template. You would need to use Ocean { HazardousOcean { key = 0 0.14 0 -3E-05 key = 2200 0.1 -1.2E-05 -1.2E-05 key = 15000 0 0 0 } } omitting the @ in front of the Ocean
  7. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    I was trying to build a compact rover when it started dancing...
  8. Nevermind, re-installed and that fixed it.
  9. The exact UrsaMinor files with SVE's sunflare deleted.
  10. The Ursa Minor sunflare doesn't look like the picture in the OP:
  11. These look really cool, can't wait for a download!
  12. The TR-2V Stack Decoupler's texture was 15 degrees off, so I fixed it! Here's the texture if you want to include it:
  13. @KillAshley I have found a solution to the yellow stripes bug when using OpenGL: Simply rename the folders of the planet textures to something other than "PluginData" and change the configs accordingly. (Note: This WILL disable OnDemandLoading, but more RAM usage is better than no textures, right?)
  14. My CPU is light enough already, thanks.