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  1. Odd. I have indeed. I'll maybe try completely reinstalling KSP instead of just letting steam patch it backwards. I ended up installing RP1 manually and everything -looks- ok, but its odd CKAN only displays RP1 if the 1.7 compatibility box (or earlier) is checked. Edit: Found the problem. My CKAN exe was copied over from a previous instal. Once I updated to 1.28 RP1 appeared. Thanks for reply.
  2. I didn't see this mentioned before, so just checking. I have the steam version of KSP 1.8.1 installed, and CKan confirms this version on its header bar. Following the instructions for installing RP1 on KSP version 1.8.1 - The instructions say for CKAN only tick compatibility with version 1.8, however RP1 doesn't show as a compatible mod unless version 1.7 is also ticked. CKAN lists RP1 as being 1.2.1 of RP1 only. I do have the mechjeb repository added as well. Is there a temproary glitch or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any advice.
  3. As I said earlier, I'm having exactly the same issue with no other mods except KIS installed. On a fresh build, if I stick a hacienda on a girder, and save it. It won't reload properly in the VAB, and is unlaunchable. Doesnt seem to be a mod conflict issue unless it's with one of the squad expansions. Should be quite easy to replicate.
  4. Sadly still having issues with the hacienda in 1.33.4. Even in a test where pathfinder is the only mod installed. If I just take a girder, and stick a Hacienda on it, I can save it, but the craft file won't reopen properly (It appears but the ship select dialogue box stays open and nothing will attach to the craft). Any attempt to launch the craft just dumps me back on the main KSC screen. T
  5. Thank you for answer, though that may be, but I have quite a few inflatable parts with inventories.
  6. Looking forward to using some of the cool features of this mod. One thing I've noticed is when crew move into an inflated module their inventory stays in the module they moved from, and kerbals in the inflated modules have no inventories slots at all.
  7. Hi there and sorry if I've missed something obvious in the thread. I set up an orbital reactor and generator, and a working set of phased array relays broadcasting and receing in X-Band. I have a ground base on a moon thats receiving megajoules, but is running out of stock electric charge. I'm sure I read somewhere that electric charge is supplied before beamed power is stored as megajoules. Have I misunderstood? Is there not a way to transmit EC?
  8. Here you go. I had those errors too at first. I installed Real Fuels by letting CKAN do it, then deleting the stockalike configs folder, then pasting the Real Fuels folder contents over the top of the one CKAN installed.
  9. Just ran another test. When you follow the spreadsheet instructions and install Real Plume from CKAN, it installs a very old version of Real Fuels as a dependency with a default additional folder called Real Fuels - Stockalike. Deleting that folder (as well as overwriting the Real Fuels folder with the manual download one, seems to get rid of the RCS config errors.
  10. Well, I did a complete reinstall and everything is working. Even no errors reported on the loading screen, and stock engines are showing now. I think my error was with Real Fuels. Didn't notice that CKAN installed a version by itself. I kept that version but overwrote it with the one from the modular fuel tanks link (as directed I didn't install MFT itself). Anyway, whatever the issue was, everything is fine now.
  11. @WildDoktor Sounds like you're at the same point as I am then. Happy flying! In career mode the stock aerobee seems to be more powerful than FASA's (judging by Nathankell's Rusty RP1 series on youtube) some I'm missing the early punch to the Karman line, but things all seem to be working except the stock versions of the rockets. But RSS/RO is just so darn fun!
  12. Just for info, I did get everything to load ok in my build. I do get 4 errors reported with that file, but doesn't stop game from loading. The spreadsheet pointed to the master build of Test Flight instead of the dev build. Once I replaced that the only crash point for me was with the EngineVariant_Config file loaded a FASA part (LFE_Gemini_Transtage_Twin) caused the game to freeze on loading. Removing that part allows my game to load okay. One issues I'm having though is the stock variants of RO engines, for example the stock aerobee engine, isn't loading. Several others seem
  13. If I take out the Test Flight mod I can get everything to work in 1.3.1 except the Engine_Configs/EngineVariants.config file if I follow the spreadsheet instructions. With the Test Flight mod installed a lot of engine configs seem to be causing crashes on loading.
  14. I'm trying to ID which files are crashing my install. So far only identified RealismOverhaul/RO_SuggestedMods/Squad/RO_Squad_Engines.cfg though there are others in almost every config folder that I haven't tracked down yet. I can confirm though that RO_RCS_Fixes.cfg isn't crashing my game.
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