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  1. Words of Wisdom I think this... Fascinating Creature... might be referring to his post on the Soviet Spacecraft thread.
  2. -Mods I am deeply sorry for this but- *Bump
  3. Hey is it possible to get my name changed to Krullarikas? I don't think The name ImperatorAdeptus suits me, sounds to WH40k for my taste
  4. I know this isn't the appropriate place to ask about this. But, is there anyway to change your Username on KSP Forums?
  5. As the name suggests, I was wondering if some kind chap with decent understanding of modding could revive D12 Aerotech - a very certain old relic of a mod from the glory days of 0.25. I've used this old 'gal a lot more then I want to freely admit, but it's a rather interesting piece of kit and has tons of neat parts. I've seen the original modmaker lurk around the Forum occasionally but It seems he's lost all inspiration and desire to actually keep the blood flowing through D12, so I don't want to directly ask him to revive a mod that he has clearly no interest of doing (and frankly I don't have the KerBalls to actually talk to a guy of that caliber). Anybody up for the challenge? pweety pwweeese
  6. Now before you get out your pitchforks and space torches, just hear me out. I know this might be a sensitive topic to talk about, considering the not-so-good connotations associated with North Korea. But they do happen to have a "Space Agency" (I use that term as loosely as I can), and they do have Rockets, and even a couple of satellites. I'm not saying I have a mod like this currently in the works. but I just wanted to see if you the Community would be fine with something like it. heheh... space labor camps
  7. Always enjoyed a good ol' fashioned Kerbal genocide. Just like Grandpa used to do
  8. Squad, pls gib us the 1.1. we the loyal disciples of the Space Kraken need it
  9. "Myeaahhh so hy0ped." -Literally the entire f*cking fourm
  10. Pretty space cowboi

    1. regex


      Oh man, we got a Spacebook here just like on the EVE-O forums?  How useless!

    2. Krullarikas


      Utterly useless*


  11. I've been asking myself a very certain question numerable times that it's not even funny anymore. "How to do we make Kerbals look more awesome". Then it hit me, well I think the more appropriate phrase would be - It Lithobreaked itself into my brain. As all of you people know that the majority of life's numerous problems can be solved with one easy solution, and that solution is just slapping a pair of eyebrows on said problems and calling it a day. [bad example commin' up nice & toasty] [Didn't have time to cook up a proper texture, so I just slathered a Female Kerb's texture on Jeb's face]
  12. Excuse me GGKSPMC. I don't mind to sound rude or brash but, I think you should tone it down a few notches with all this. We get it you're pretty excited about your whole GameModHub project and it's rather ambitious and we all wish you luck with it. We're just asking that you calm down and just take it slow to avoid the potential for massive drama Also if you need any help making anything for the site or a need advice on what to do, I and a lot of other fourm users are more then willing to help.
  13. I left Jeb adrift in the silent eternal tranquility that is Donald Trump's toupee
  14. I suggest adding a massive nuclear powered coffee maker for those long tedious burns to Jool. Muh Kerbs need their Kaffeine fix ya know
  15. No hate intended bro, I was just making a joke. But still... Glorious Gamesphere Master Race
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