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  1. I am having an issue that i can load the welded part normaly but if i put anything in it, the game will not load (vechile assembly to launch).In the Task manager i see a drop of 1gb of memory when i load the weld with any thig in it. i read the know issues/limitations my vessel (modified SWDENNIS imperial star destroyer,without any resource or comand module/pod) dont aply in any of it. If is the part count i will be glad to know. PS.:sorry for my bad english
  2. I'm tired of having to use another piece or waste time on the bars to put the amount of fuel I want. If there is already this functionality in stock in some game or Mod would be happy to know. PS .: sorry for bad English
  3. You could put some direction indicator in the editor,like the kerbal foundries one? I get confused sometimes. PS.:Great mod!!! PS.2:By Google Translator