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  1. 7 tonnes is not exactly light... Also, a Cessna Titan has a max take off weight of 3.810Kg, just slightly above half of your "light" aircraft. The specs also say it has a maximum speed of 430Km/h (+-120m/s) at 4900m.
  2. Hi folks I reinstalled the game to give a(nother) go. I've been out for awhile and I'm a bit out of date when it comes to mods so... what wou'ld be your top 10 (+-) mods? I remeber a few, like mechjeb, scan sat, B9, Ferram aerospace, and... not much more actully Anyway, thanks for the tips
  3. Dude... c'mon... He said "copy" the part's cfg file. He also said "change it's part name as well as description name so you make a "new" part". This measn you keep the original part (smaller) and create a new one (bigger)
  4. If by graspers we're talking about that claw-like device that requires KAS, then I have a problem with it too: since it has an "auto-on" funcion, it becomes virtually impossible to detach from something. The only time I tried it, against the wall of the ATC tower in KSC, I couldn't detach it because it would stay too close to the wall and then attach again, leaving no time to get away from the wall. Is there a way to create a kind of on/off option, so it attaches/dettaches when we want?
  5. If you make all 3 rings rotate, won't their torque make the ship rotate with it (like in helis)? Even if you put 2 CW and the other CCW, there will always be a "winning" direction of rotation. Won't that affect the ship stability?
  6. Use mods like B9 Aerospace, it has some big pannels you can use for that kind of structure, and Infernal Robotics (the model rework) now has a propper working bearing that comes in 2 pieces
  7. This is how I have it, and works fine: GameData/MagicSmokeIndustries/Parts/Rework_*** First install the normal IR, it creates its own Parts folder, than just unzip the model roeworks into that parts folder. Should work...
  8. jointSpring = x jointDamping = x These? Made a quick test (it's late here, about 1am), changed both values to 5, droped a crew pod with fuel tank for mass from about 4/5m high with extendatrons extended... nothing happened. I gues the Dampening is the "resistance" to the Spring, right? So if I set both values the same, they cancel each other? Will try again tomorrow
  9. So playing with the spring values is not good for pistons? Or it just messes with limits? My idea was to extend a piston and expect it to work like a normal car suspension.
  10. I'm not sure if this has been discussed before but: - is it possible to create a suspension arm/piston? Something that behaves like a normal suspension. I tried to copy the suspension code lines from the stock landing legs to a copy of an extendatron, but it didn't work... - when will the option to lower/raise those big wheels on the right be available?
  11. I tried to build a sub again, and failed. For some reason I can't sink the damn thing. The little plane in the navball goes under the horizon, but the prograde marker keeps on the horizon, so I never really dive. The only way I managed to go underwater was by hacking gravity with F12 menu. The point is to build a sub capable of delivering small station parts underwater, to build and underwater station, so it needs at least one cargo bay (the bigger ones). Ideas?
  12. Built a submarine... that doesn't sink but flies reasonably well... It's mostly stock, with IR parts that are supposed to be used to anchor the sub to the sea bed. It has a cargo bay wich houses a small anchor point too, wich I intend to use a starting point of an underwater base. The problem is, how do you get the subs under water? http://imgur.com/2Rkezqr (and how the hell do I link an imgur image? [ img ] [ /img ] won't work...)