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  1. From my understanding of stealth, radar cannot reflect off of smoothly built, rough surfaces (Coating) and angles. I'm sure this is your department more than mine, you've done more research than me I'd bet. Is there any way to use that RCS from three different pictures in radar without slowing the game to a crawl? Instead of averaging the total perhaps?
  2. Thank you, I didn't mean to come off as disrespectful earlier, I was getting kinda irked when we didn't get any response about the idea different radar system or what you could or couldn't do. This answered all of my questions. Thank you.
  3. We're not trying to rip on you guys at all, like I said before. We do appreciate where this is going and trying to help you by finding exploits such as this as well as bugs. I threw out my ideas that I believe would make the system better and more realistic, now whether you want to do it/ can it be done in game isn't up to me.
  4. We're not trying to rip on you, quite frankly I like the idea. It's easily exploitable at the moment and the area is averaged, Say I have a 0.03M2 front cross section, I'd still get picked up from 7km even though only the front is facing the radar. It shouldn't be based on total average, it should be based on direction in my honest opinion.
  5. How does one RCS many people might ask? Without a stealth coating 45 degree angles are your friend. This is so far the most efficient fighter I've been able to develop. Knocking it down to a 6km lock was a pain. I shared what I know and so far it's dominating in both BVR and Dogfighting combat. (EDIT: I forgot to ask, are there plans to do your own 2nd generation systems or are you leaving that to the modding community?)
  6. Actually it isn't a lot of parts. I was digging through my old missile designs. I've already found flaws in the armor design such as long projectiles. Thank you
  7. Send me a persist with your cruiser please. I'd like to test this armor for myself. I haven't been here in months. I'd like to see the advances people have made.
  8. I was actually talking to Spartwo earlier about the fairing warheads. Sadly my design doctrine refuses me to use them. It's too easy to me, I like seeing the over engineered designs I've come up with. Let me finish the armoring on the United Kingdom and I'll throw out a fight. Would you rather do the battle by tonnage or ship class?
  9. Ooooohhhhh. Do you have any destroyers or frigates? I'd like to battle test the United Kingdom.
  10. I have a corner of a garage at my dads atm so no house. Bleh, make the best of it and stay positive!
  11. It's 4am here. I have no bed and my PC is propped up on a cardboard box stand but hot dang. I'm finding year old designs that are still effective and I completely forgot I had them. I should probably try to sleep but I can't sleep on concrete...
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