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  1. Once you filled a bug (or commented one), you're automatically notified by mail on each status change. This a major feature of this kind of bug tracker. Eg. I received a mail for this one: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/19427#change-116820
  2. Navigatiing the module list with the keyboard (arrows, pgup, pgdn,...) on v1.26.0 , I found that the home and the end keys weren't handled as expected and trigger a System.InvalidOperationException. Should I open a github issue for that?
  3. ...and also in v1.7.0 Please, update the CKAN accordingly
  4. As a regular user of Basic DV I can confirm that the mod is working as expected in 1.7.0
  5. A smart way to get this terribly useful mod updated, would be to have it (or at least most of its unvaluable features) embedded... Please @TriggerAu, put it on top of your TODO list for the next release.
  6. For the record, this tremendously useful add-on is still working in v1.6.1 Please @Ser, I 'd love to have this taken in account in CKAN. (and BTW, same applies to Analog Control Continued)
  7. In "commercial software development", the commercial context imply most of the time to be the first on the market, and therefore to minimize the conception time by all means. So, this is why this is not uncommon to get bugged firmware into newly released computers/peripherals/technical toys/phones/... whatever. And what to think about recurring windows updates?
  8. The historic place has to be highlighted by a flag. Therefore all the stuff left on the ground is... garbage! Feel free to name them technical decorative unsorted items.
  9. On 1.6.1 with the mod installed thru CKAN without any other suggested ones, I can use it to display contract details but no way to accept/decline new ones. What did I miss? -D-
  10. Hi, I can confirm that while flying in atmosphere this invaluable mod still works in 1.6.1 Could we please at least have it listed on CKAN, enabling automated install? You should also note that once I manually installed the mod, CKAN found it as the original "Analog Control" mod. Perhaps you should provide a new renamed build. If you want a feature request to justify the rebuild, I would love to have some kind of visual feedback of the dead zone on the setting window . BTW, any news on the very useful Hangar Grid ?
  11. Yes you're right, in the sense that this is exactly what I did. But due to module inter-dependencies this forced a uninstallation of several other mods I had to reinstall from scratch afterward. I just wanted a way to handle this without altering other installations (as far as all module versions coherence kept coherent).
  12. Hi, I've 2 small features request for CKAN, which could be very helpful when you made a too-quick update of a mod and want to revert to previous state. More precisely: After a refresh, I just saw that ModuleManager was updated to 4.0.0. Good! So I selected it and updated the install. For the record (as this was a major release), I went to the forum post to get the changelog, then I saw that there were some issues I may be impacted with. Argh! I better have to revert and wait to the next release to be taken in account. But, right-clicking on the mod line in CKAN, I can only reinstall the current (offending) version. Going to the Versions notebook tab and double-clicking on any of the listed versions, I could try to revert to a previous one but as a more recent is already there, the installation was skipped. Last option: uninstall the mod completely... and as expected dependent declared mods should also vanish. So did I. Lastly, I reinstalled the previous ModuleManager version 3.1.3, followed the other forced uninstalled mods. So, the request is simply to get a right-click menu on compatible module versions allowing me to reinstall/revert to a specific one. My other feature request is to be able to copy-paste metada urls without having to navigate to do so. Thanks
  13. IMHO, Squad is simply trying to tell us that using a bug tracker would be a more convenient way to track bugs instead of being obliged to dive into forum threads to get details and suggesting to up/down vote issues would be a way to determine which one need to be fixed first. That's all.