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  1. Hi @Morse, As far as this UI un-enclumbering life saver mod has been tested to work as-is in 1.12.1, that would be nice to have it listed accordingly in CKAN, no?
  2. Because that would alas mean several (at least 2) different sets of code for the same feature, implying more time to write it and leading unavoidably to an even bigger set of bugs and issues...
  3. For the record, found in v1.11 output log once installed the v2.7 mod with CKAN : The KSPedia version should be rebuild.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if someone had already tried the toolbar in 1.10.1 ? If so, and if that works, please @linuxgurugamer, it would be nice to have the CKAN record and/or the mod itself updated.
  5. Despite this mod may not be considered as the most useful one for all KSP players (and I suspect neither the most difficult to handle), and since I can confirm to have working flawlessly as is on latest v1.10+, it would be nice to have it updated (at least its ckan compatibility record stuck at 1.8.1) and registered as such. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, As a dual (and sometime triple) screen user, I'd love to have AnyRes also handling the window placement on the desktop. Is it possible?
  7. Indeed. BTW, I just saw that you already spotted the issue on the CKAN side several month ago. Being myself programmer (but not a C# guru), I was also wondering, even if this could involve quite significant code rewriting, if it wouldn't be possible to dynamically load the offending dll such as what is done there: https://stackoverflow.com/a/13492645/4153864 ?
  8. Hi, Just thinking out loud: Even if this kind of code isn't the funniest to write, can't we have a CKAN-aware addon acting as a kind of setup application and dedicated to handle the deployment/removal of the different sub-components spread across the game directory tree?
  9. Sorry to bother, but there seems to have an issue with the "science found" toolbar icon (the one with the yellow spark), which is displayed as blurry when science data is fetcheable. -D-
  10. Hi, I had weird behaviours of the addon on 1.9.1, sometimes giving hints on EVA report possible, sometime not. The log is available here: https://www43.zippyshare.com/v/JciTmjvu/file.html To be noticed that The Janitor Closet (installed but unused in this game) also triggered lots of exceptions. Regards, -D-
  11. It's now available. Many thanks for the job done (we couldn't thank you enough for all your work on KSP)
  12. Hi, There seem to have a glitch in ckan definitions for KEI: The mod is listed with v1.9.0 as Max KSP Version (as Engine Lighting Relit does), but in contrary it isn't selectable in KSP 1.9 (which is the case for ELR).
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