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  1. Sorry to bother, but there seems to have an issue with the "science found" toolbar icon (the one with the yellow spark), which is displayed as blurry when science data is fetcheable. -D-
  2. Hi, I had weird behaviours of the addon on 1.9.1, sometimes giving hints on EVA report possible, sometime not. The log is available here: https://www43.zippyshare.com/v/JciTmjvu/file.html To be noticed that The Janitor Closet (installed but unused in this game) also triggered lots of exceptions. Regards, -D-
  3. It's now available. Many thanks for the job done (we couldn't thank you enough for all your work on KSP)
  4. Hi, There seem to have a glitch in ckan definitions for KEI: The mod is listed with v1.9.0 as Max KSP Version (as Engine Lighting Relit does), but in contrary it isn't selectable in KSP 1.9 (which is the case for ELR).
  5. 1 mod for 1 line of code: isn't it a bit... overkill? That would be really nice. I'm not against having several mod acting together (currently playing with approx 50 active mods), but I think that the wheel brakes handling don't deserve many mods, possibly conflicting each other.
  6. Please, follow @JadeOfMaar suggestion and include an equivalent of DoubleTapBrakes into your mod.
  7. Same issue here. You just reported it faster than me. -D-
  8. Once you filled a bug (or commented one), you're automatically notified by mail on each status change. This a major feature of this kind of bug tracker. Eg. I received a mail for this one: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/19427#change-116820
  9. Navigatiing the module list with the keyboard (arrows, pgup, pgdn,...) on v1.26.0 , I found that the home and the end keys weren't handled as expected and trigger a System.InvalidOperationException. Should I open a github issue for that?
  10. ...and also in v1.7.0 Please, update the CKAN accordingly
  11. As a regular user of Basic DV I can confirm that the mod is working as expected in 1.7.0
  12. A smart way to get this terribly useful mod updated, would be to have it (or at least most of its unvaluable features) embedded... Please @TriggerAu, put it on top of your TODO list for the next release.
  13. For the record, this tremendously useful add-on is still working in v1.6.1 Please @Ser, I 'd love to have this taken in account in CKAN. (and BTW, same applies to Analog Control Continued)