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  1. May I borrow some configs for my own mod I'm making please?
  2. Maybe like 3 of the 7 planets could have water and 1 of them could have trees and grass.
  3. Trappist-1 system?
  4. Nope doesn't work. EDIT: apparently it was actually because of Planet Cryan
  5. Yeah I have stock visual enhancements. I'm gonna try it without stock visual enhancements
  6. Its not working! You can see the scifi visual enhancements here in my gamedata But in game its not there! help me pls
  7. Seems very useful for tiny probe stations or to transport tiny probes to other planets! Very nice.
  8. Can the particle effects target an body? because when i set it to sun it doesn't work. the particles disappear. And if if does work, can you add an option so the particles aim away from the object that is targeted?