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  1. This is a pretty cool mod. I wanna do a Vega mission now with this. Would that be possible?
  2. Put media fire.com(remove the space) between www. and /download
  3. Anyone else getting this bug? Can it be fixed? Also I personally think the atmosphere of Thatmo would be more aesthetically pleasing if it were more purple or blue as opposed to red/orange.
  4. Main reason 1.1 took so long was optimization for the Console ports. That's really it. I mean Squad ported KSP into unity 4 in one minor update, 0.18.3/4.
  5. Can't wait for the KSP store to crash. Just gotta watch it like a hawk and DL it ASAP before the server gets overloaded.
  6. I like how it's version 6.12 over 70 years later and Nova's parts are still in game.
  7. It's only borderline illegal because Squad doesn't give us any other option. Not my fault I have to do that stuff to get my hands on something I technically deserve for paying for it.
  8. I have a feeling that the only people that would use the older versions are the ones bright enough to understand that they'll be dealing with bugs but that there's always just newer versions without said bugs. Squad shouldn't have to add anything other than a possible readme that informs people that there will be no technical support for the version that they're using and that everything that happens is on their shoulders. I mean hell, I was just playing 0.17 yesterday and a kraken glitch corrupted one of my saves. I'm not mad. And I'm especially not going to whine to Squad and the moderators
  9. 4chan is 30% of the internet? That would mean there's like 3 sites left.
  10. Pre 0.18, and yes. I get a nostalgiaboner from them. Just look up the Kerbal Historical Institute mod. It has all the old versions of parts that have been phased out.
  11. With this installed, Eve has quite the eerie "atmosphere" Ah? Ah? I'll see myself out.
  12. So let me get this straight Reddit, Twitter, Vine, and probably multiple other social media websites somehow still exist Everyone talks like they're on 4chan We still don't have an SSTO What a dark future we're in for. All that aside, you still have a nice story you've got going. I have my own head canon of kerbals and humans meeting each other, but it doesn't involve us. It involves a game franchise's universe.
  13. Just wondering, does this support any .mu model, even those as old as 0.15 when they were first added?
  14. Well obviously. I've always kinda wanted to make a life support mod considering none of them have a stock-alike feel, especially when it comes to parts. Problem is I have absolutely no idea on how to make plugins and my modeling is sub-par at best.
  15. Call me an idiot for not knowing this already, but do I download both the main release and the config files? Or just the main release? Nvm, my eyes decided to actually work and I saw on the github page that I need to download both.
  16. I have the pro props pod and modded mine so instead of the default whiskey, it is glorious vodka. I also may have made the music for the ghetto blaster this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnTW6fZz-1E
  17. Would there be a way to merge the snacks with life support so eating said snacks would replenish their food/water? As of now it's only cosmetic but still fun to give my Kerbs a couple cans of soda and some snacks to munch on, as exploring space can make one quite hungry.
  18. So pretty much your OCD is getting triggered and you want the devs to cater to it. How about no.
  19. Well alternatively the mod creator(if they want this immense workload), could keep specific versions for each version and keep adding the same or similar content to each version.
  20. It's sad, but true. If they do someday implement it(they really should, considering as I've already said, because the means of getting your hands on older versions is borderline illegal, even if you own it), I think there should be a sticky placed that lets people know that threads asking for support for outdated versions will be deleted. It would really benefit places like the Challenges and Mission ideas board because there could be challenges for specific versions. Plus mods would also be a nice thing for the few individuals that would show interest in modding old versions(myself included).
  21. I already had BDA installed, I'm not that much of a mongoloid, it's just that it didn't work until I added the extra plugin.
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