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  1. Hello is anyone able to make a patch to have the ISRUs that produce carburan (lqd Hydrogen, NTO, Aerozine)? THX
  2. Hello , Sorry for my english. I would like to know if there is an ISRU to convert ORE into fuel (aerozine etc.)?
  3. Hello sorry for my english! I can not find the part to recycle the snack with the mod planetary base system thank you
  4. Hello sorry for my english I have a problem with the tanks, I can not change the diameter thank you in advance
  5. sorry for my English . After having performed an atmospheric re-entry, the engines of the dragon v2 no longer works. Is there a solution ? thank you in advance
  6. Hello. sorry for my English . Is it normal for liquid hydrogen tanks are emptied by themselves? thank you in advance