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  1. How's everything going with the mod? I'm excited for when it comes out.
  2. Hey @RoverDude! I love the mod and I'm excited for the update. I'm wondering with the recent release of Kerbalism, can you perhaps move the toolbar icon for this mod in with the stock apps and make it behave like those windows? Like, it stays near the toolbar and gets closed when another is open.
  3. Wow... this mod is good... WAY better than I expected. The only thing I would change are the parts, they don't really fit stock. I really like the menu though, and how it doesn't add to the toolbar chain every modded KSP game is doomed to.
  4. Thanks for adding my stuff! I messaged you with capitalization fixes and the screwdriver fix.
  5. They switched to Unity 5.0 shaders in 1.1, and for me I noticed a huge difference in all parts with stuff being brighter and contrast seeming a bit higher. This mod is seriously amazing and I can't wait for more parts to be added!
  6. @hoojiwana The mod works in 1.1, and for some reason it looks WAY better than the 1.0.5 version for me! You are a great modeler, can't wait until the next update.
  7. @IgorZ Thanks for adding my part descriptions to the mod! However, that is using the old version of my part descriptions, with the EVA canister description that doesn't really describe the part well. This patch includes fixes as well as search tags and description/name updates for the KAS parts. I haven't tested in game yet, but if the part category is still there then search will not pick it up.
  8. Okay, I updated it with KAS parts as well and I fixed the EVA tank description. Some tweaks may be needed to the KAS part descriptions, but otherwise it should be up and running. Download here. Also, I figured out why the search isn't working. Custom part categories are broken for now, so anything in the KIS category can't be picked up by search. They'll have to be moved to the utility tab so they can be searched.
  9. Turns out the part search is being a bit wonky, I'll have to work on it. However, I realized something. @IgorZ already has KSPedia entries! The PDF has everything needed, all you have to do is resize a bit and convert it into the entries.
  10. @rbray89 Is there any way to make clouds visible only from space? The surface clouds lag me up a bunch.
  11. @IgorZ I created a patch just now to fix some of the grammar and stuff in part descriptions and names as well as add search tags to help blend in with the new 1.1 update. To install, drag into the KIS folder. If anyone isn't down for it, I can create some KSPedia entries for the mod as well that blends in with the existing ones (as long as pictures are provided to use).
  12. Hey @Nils277, you did a great job on the art of this mod and it really fits in with the game! If I could change one thing, though, it would be the window color on the cupola, it's a bit too bright blue to match the other parts