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  1. Unknown Venom

    [Whitelisted] [Modded] Forum Minecraft Group

    Count me in... not the win 10 version though
  2. Unknown Venom

    [1.4] PersistentRotation 1.8.5

    Hello Mark this is Gauration... ugh I wish I knew how to change meh username! ohwell... nice mod!
  3. Unknown Venom

    2KAS-J0523 Planetary system

    Looks fun!
  4. Unknown Venom

    1.1 loading stuck

  5. So when I start up ksp it loads super slow like normal, but once it gets to "Loading asset bundle Definitions" it just stays there suck, while Ksp isn't frozen still doing those things like "locating jeb". I am using 64bit windows 7 the x64 version and x32 version both have the issue but 1.0.5 works fine.
  6. Unknown Venom

    Whats the best way to get to moho

    I see, how about if you use the Principia mod
  7. Unknown Venom

    My new Mobile Space Station

    I see, do you have plans to make a early career mode version?
  8. Unknown Venom

    My new Mobile Space Station

    Oh, are the dropships bundled in or a separate craft file?
  9. Unknown Venom

    My new Mobile Space Station

    Oh I see, what engines does it use and is it very unstable at the start?
  10. Unknown Venom

    My new Mobile Space Station

    nice design, is it a good early career mode station? also how do you get it into orbit?
  11. Unknown Venom

    What celestial body will you add into KSP?

    I'd add more Dwarf planets, seeing as there now starting to be looked into back in 2015
  12. So I've been trying to find a way to get to moho. Do I use Jool or just drop down near Kerbol?