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  1. do i need RO for the soyuz to work correctly in rss because currently there isn't enough delta v to get into orbit?
  2. is there a way that you could allow people to make/use their own sounds?
  3. okay it seems that opm was causing it it seems kerballoons had boulderco in it, i must have put that in accidentally when installing eve. however opm does not have anything that was put there by me so i think that is the issue.
  4. it may be my addons to kopernicus. i have opm and Xen's Planet Collection. also i have latest version of them i can confirm that kopernicus by itself works fine with your mod just not with the addons. i will try to narrow down what addon causes it.
  5. alright i had found that eliminating mods into a folder was faster and i also found that the mods breaking your mod are: -kopernicus -kerballoons anyway thanks for the help
  6. here are the mods that are causing me trouble -kopernicus and/or the mods that make kopernicus work im posting this again in case you didn't get the notification
  7. i am having the same issue. i can not think of a mod that would interfere with your mod, especially when eve by it self works just fine.
  8. no i just decided to install eve normally
  9. i got it from github and i did install both of them. is there any required mods that aren't from this page
  10. shouldn't i be able to see it at ksc and in the tracking station?