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  1. I did, thanks. Thanks for all your help, but I've found the culprit- I hadn't installed CRP.
  2. Yeah sorry, just found it and selected CRP. Doesn't seem to be working though, so- Log- GameData folder-
  3. I've modded enough to be confident it's installed correctly, but accidents happen I did, however, quit out of the resources menu when it popped up. Any way to get it back and get CRP selected and working? Edit- Also, if I can't do this, I'd be happy to provide logs, screenshots of folders etc.
  4. Not sure if it's been said, but I'm having issues with the SAFER in KSP 1.4.3. Nothing game breaking, only it has no EnrichedUranium or DepletedUranium storage. Edit- Neither does the Nuclear Gyro Ring.
  5. Exactly the same here. Been running the same mod setup and same KSP version (1.3.0) for other versions of NKD and BDAc, made sure all dependencies are there including removal of version number from the nkd folder, however only nuclear effect that works is the Genie. Others seem to explode with a BDA explosion, just with 0 damage and no mushroom cloud . I'd be hugely grateful for any solutions!
  6. @harpwner might be the man to answer your q's, or you could just read through the other stories on these past few pages and see.
  7. Eeloo is probably safe, as extending phys range that far may cause some other glitches.
  8. Actually, (correct me if I'm wrong) it is impossible to outrun the blasts because of a glitch in the BDA code. (read the posts above for info).
  9. Just wondering guys, are you working with squad or just disappointed that they stole your idea? Because as you probably know in 'Making History' personal 'chutes and ejection is becoming stock.
  10. Its a bug which is bundled with the BDA code. As spannermonkey said, the root cause should be resolved shortly.
  11. Thanks jester, I didn't realise the KJR you had linked was a special version, I thought the normal would be fine.
  12. I have an issue where whenever I attach things to a robotic part, they seem to defy gravity, and the part moves, but has no effect on the thing attached to it. Here's screenshots: Here's the log:
  13. I have been trying to use BD Armory and NKD to fire an exocet missile at an aircraft carrier (made with LBP). However, the craft is big yet is invisible after 4KM, and when entering the 4K radius, my game pauses to load the craft. This means I must be within 4KM to fire, and is also annoying for SAM sites. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to bump this up to perhaps, 10KM?