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  1. When are we getting the beautiful Jeb Speed 1? (You know, the scrap heap bandits one?) (EDIT) Forgot to mention, having the Bee Mk2 and the Goat ATV would be nice too, I love me some micro planes.
  2. Apologies for the act of necromancy, but I've just tried a lower-tech version of the Pterodactyl (standard canards instead of advanced, octagonal struts instead of i-beams) and it's gloriously fun, even with a keyboard. Despite their operating range, your atmospheric craft are out of this world. Unrelated, the Indigo cargo SSTO is also superb, and so is the Mindy. I'm serious, despite their outdatedness, they both have incredible performance. Recently, I took a mindy (launched with an indigo, obviously) to land on the Mun AND Minmus, and i didn;t even have to get out and push. TL;DR rockets are cool, planes are cooler, but anything made by Cupcake is the coolest. I'd post some pictures of Jeb's (and Val's (and Bill's)) escapades, but I'm not really sure how. I guess that's the end of this message, again, I realize the fact that this thread's been dead since march, but the Pterodactyl just flies too well to believe.
  3. yikes i've been pretty inactive here
    time to fix that :D

  4. Tried to load the game in with the Making History expansion, barnkit, kopernicus, and this, but the first time I tried the planets didn't load, and the second time, my sandbox save didn't load. If these log things are needed, or other information, I'll provide it, I just want some more gas giant in my life.
  5. Archibald is best kerbal. Unless you think otherwise, in which case feel free to do so.
  6. Just wondering, but are you ever going to update the Atomic Age mod to KSP version 1.3? 

    1. Munar Industries

      Munar Industries

      You can find it in Linuxgurugamer's recycled parts.

      It's not completely updated for compatibility with everything but it runs fine in 1.4.1.
      It's on the list of things to get updated soon though.

  7. I'm attempting to send a kerbal to LKO with just Ant engines! Why? Because I have nothing better to do! It's not going well, though.
  8. I just wish the handling was a bit more rigid, otherwise, the Bee and Squark are AMAZING! Took the Bee to K2 yesterday, planted a flag, returned with >2/3 fuel left!
  9. Why does it get stuck on the loading screen between the loading screen and the title screen?[NOTE: This happened for GPP too]
  10. OMG ITS A MINI MOTH! i always loved the radial tank design on the moth, so... I LOVE IT!
  11. I was forced to switch to Win 10 after my win 7 one broke.