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  1. Papahemmy


    it has a parachute so i can see what will happen when it falls slowly
  2. Papahemmy


    until the day the I can hook it on to the kraken, no. also pic
  3. Papahemmy


    just spent the past 30 minutes building a pole 1.3 kilometers tall. thats all im saying
  4. Papahemmy

    KSP Challenge

    OOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOooooooH This will be fun!
  5. Papahemmy

    KSP Weekly: What a week!

    Is the history thing going to added to the game or will it be downloadable content? (plz be added to the game)
  6. Papahemmy

    Air Kraken of Eve

    All I did was send a aircraft to eve via orbital spawn, and when I was attempting to land, my ship flipped out. So then I reset back to KSC and saw this... So I have reason to think that I crashed into an Invisible air Kraken that got enraged and tore apart chunk of kerbin that KSC rests. However when I loaded in a new ship to explore the torn up land *pop* everything is back normal. What are your thoughts on the subject? ( FWI the game was not modded at the time)
  7. Papahemmy

    KSP Weekly: We’re back!

    Squad is testing the game to work with over languages. So that the game can be played in other nations.
  8. Papahemmy

    KSP Weekly: Hallogreen is here!

    That poem was great. I loved it
  9. Papahemmy

    Devnote Tuesday: QA focus

    finial... Skynet in KSP
  10. YES!! NO MORE WHEEL BLOCKING!! it was so annoying having to teak my wheels so they work!
  11. Papahemmy

    Fanwork Friday: Back to Our Roots

    YOUNG KERBALS @@### DOES NoT &&&####5%6&&&*((*&^%4 cOMPuTE [email protected]#[email protected]$&*()(*&^%-*&^%$####@#%^*(*&^%$#@#$%^&*()%$#@)))))
  12. Papahemmy

    Devnote Tuesday: cleanup duty

    OOH the new KSC looks great.
  13. Does it work or is it only to say that SQUAD ADD ROTORS TO KSP!
  14. Papahemmy


    YES COLORED LIGHTS!! Bob is now the owner of the most "hip" Disco club ever built on Kerbin.