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  1. Sometimes I get the white haze when launching a vessel. I do not use Scatterer, for it adds lag to the game my laptop can hardly handle comfortably. I find that going to Map view and back fixes the problem.
  2. Thanks. Is there also a patch to make Sun tracking optional? Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. Edit: on solar panels
  3. When pasting these into a new file, can I name it whatever I want?
  4. So... I'm not that good with modulemanager, but I understand that you can write a small .cfg file to change stuff. Does anyone have the code to put in a file that sets the default fairing settings to "Clamshell" deploy with two sides in the editor?
  5. I think that is the case. While attempting to create more resources for the player to manipulate, I noticed that the IntakeAir resource still did exist, though it was hidden in-game. It just has the property of hidden for the resource menu. If you use Raster Prop Monitor, it will actually show you how much air is available under the "Resources" tab. Adding more intakes increases the maximum amount you can hold, and if you design a spaceplane to switch to combustion mode in-atmosphere (as well as closing the intake), you can actually use the air in a vacuum with jet engines before it runs out.
  6. I do have a question about the instruments. What's the one that has the three hands that always slowly rotate, and looks kinda like a clock numbered from 0 to 9 or so?
  7. I made a cargo plane using the Size 2 commercial cockpit and noticed some screens in there. They reminded me of times years ago on KSP .90 playing with RasterPropMonitor, and they look like those screens as well, so I downloaded that mod. However, the screens in that cockpit don't turn on with the mod installed. Is there a way to make them functional?
  8. I dont have the DLC, but a substitute could be a bunch of those snakey joints with an external command seat at the end. Best part is that it can double as an advertisement for your local used car dealer.
  9. Although I have lots of KSP plans and rockets, I haven't exactly gotten to the point of kerbals on other bodies, which I should have done by now. However, I have planned a fairly large trip to Jool in my mid-high tech Science game. This mission is based around a central mothership which the lander(s)? and plane are attached to. With my design, this can function as both an exploration vessel and a space station platform. Because of the long transfer time for a Jool trip, by the time I return data from the Jool system, I would already have more upgrades researched. After this, I can put together a module cargo/tug ship in Kerbin orbit that can transport new and modern modules en masse. If you want a fueling station, one of the initial landers can be an ore harvester that brings material to be converted at the mothership/future station.
  10. So... FIrst things first: I have no idea where this should go. Why? I have no idea what #autoloc is and what it means and if it pertains to a subcategory in the forums. I just started a Career game yesterday and had just gotten to SPH level 2, so basic action groups were available. This was everything except the custom ones, of course, as well as all the flight input stuff under the #autoloc action groups. I wanted to set an action group to Action01, but that was not available, because it was only SPH Level 2. Despite this, I got curious and clicked on the Action01 in the #autoloc heading. No part actions were available, but it did unlock the custom action groups that were not under the #autoloc heading. The action group functioned properly in flight, but I feel like I cheated the system. So, if anyone reads this who has a Career save, congrats. You just got action groups on your Level 2 SPH and VAB. Also, I wouldn't mind if anyone could explain what #autoloc means.
  11. If Use the new DLC to fold up a plane with these parts, will propellers break? I want to put Grunded vehicles in a plane, protect it from heat with a mk 3 cargo bay, and send it to Laythe as in instant base.
  12. Hey, anyone who sees this mod and thinks, "Oh no, it's not updated for 1.7.1!", don't worry, it works. I have done some testing and it still works as advertised. Just a note though: if you EVA while in docking mode and press "C", the rotation controls won't work right and it becomes very disorienting.
  13. Amazing mission. So far, I have just brought the antenna rover back to the hab, and only had two points I was in need of a quicksave. One was on the rover trek to the RTG, where a terrain glitch exactly broke my battery. The second was when the PATHGIRDER broke. ATTENTION PLAYERS: DO NOT APPROACH THE PATHGIRDER WITH PHYSICS WARP ON CLOSER THAN 1.4 KM!!!!!! Yeah, it became unusable, so I had to open up a quicksave back right before I set out. I like how the story is mixed with the Kerbal universe. It's exciting so far. I will update when I complete it.
  14. I use MJ to place all sorts of craft into a 100km parking orbit, with the usual zero degree inclination. I have about 100 pieces of debis present, generally around this altitude or 80km. I fear the day I finally build my giant Jool mission mothership and do a slingshot or something that brings me to this altitude.
  15. I know there is a mod for that; I do not know if it is updated however. It would be a nice feature because my left pinky still hurts from holding down shift for five minutes last night.
  16. If you have time to spare for some testing on your ships, you can turn the autopilot off and on again, and see how it works. Otherwise, if the notorious docking loop still persists, dock manually. Having docked 100m away with 7 units of fuel and no SAS, you just have to make sure your prograde is on target if you want to waste minimal fuel. If you still want to use MechJeb to dock, I have a tip I learned from an old Scott Manley video: point your docking ports normal. When you do this, you do not have to readjust rotation along the orbit, and MJ likes to waste fuel rotating and readjusting.
  17. Either I'm stuck in the editor or going through quite a few missions at once. For the most side-by-side missions at once, I used KAC to time my maneuvers without overlap: Multiple Minmus base parts and relay parts, along with an inclination change on my Eve Relay and Probe lander package. My longest completed mission overall as of now has been my circumnavigation of Minmus for the Elkano Challenge. I started kinda early last summer and got at least 6 hours through in one day. After that, I didn't play KSP for a while: I had 11 kerbals on Minmus and too few spare crew to do anything else. Whenever I'd load KSP to continue, I'd realize how patched together my in-situ repairs were and didn't want to think about all the quicksave and loading I would do. A few months later, I put in a few hours each day until I finished.
  18. I agree: put it there for the people who want it, let those who don't ignore it; also, it could also be findable as an anomaly.
  19. I haven't built a mission yet but have started playing them. You could try putting some required waypoints down in a launch ascent path from the Space Center. Sure, people could just launch a ship then switch, but it would encourage the use of a ship launched from Kerbin. Alternative: If the mission requires docking, you could remove the electricity from the ship and force the player to send a small bit of EC on a Kerbin-sent ship to open panels or something of that matter. It would render the ship useless until encountered by a manually launched vessel.
  20. Soon I'll attempt a Mun Elcano Challenge under the Stock category with an improved Surface Exploratory Vehicle
  21. Application for Minmus Elcano Challenge: Category (Flexible to discretion) : Stock Craft Note: So, I wanted to apply for a full stock mission, which went well for about a third of the mission. Some ways through, I noticed that on the Minmusian hills, the vehicle would clip through the ground a bit, then fix itself, sending the vehicle hurtling through the air. This occurred multiple times, but I powered through it, wasting much of my monoprop in the process. Eventually, one time this happened, I pressed F5 instead of F9 after landing just after an incident. My solar panels and rear end service bay back were gone. This left me with minimal electricity and virtually no stability to deal with the low gravity. I sent up a KIS resupply ship containing parts, tools, and supplies. Using all 11 kerbals, I was able to carry each piece to the rover and reattach from there, leaving spare KIS equipment behind, as I intended this to be an all-stock mission. The Crew Return ship used no mod parts or guidance. Because the rover only recieved parts from a separate, modded, repair ship, can this still be in the Stock Craft category? Note 2: I took a long break between the start and end, roughly halfway through. It appears that the Screenshots folder is purged of old pics or something because none of them were there. I'm pretty sure evidence of the stock landing can be seen by the two debris and flag left over at the return site in the screenshot. If anyone wants it, I can go back and try to get another pic of the debris left at the repair site. Only screenshots of the second half of the mission were findable. Screenshots and Craft files used: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o00713cja74xlvu/Minmus.zip?dl=0 End Result: A nice tourist destination on Minmus with a flag, a rover brought past its (literal) breaking point, and some spare fuel from the landing module; 11 happy kerbals after a 50 day mission; a Minmus base site; and a new ship design for ferrying crew between surface base and station.
  22. Same here: Marching band + AP courses = very little free time
  23. Also for the people like me who may or may not have run out of EVA fuel multiple times. You could also have it behave like a climbable ladder to get back to your ship. I also like the realism of it because not everyone just happens to have a fancy jetpack. Yeah, they are nice, but not always what people want. A major implementation issue I see is how you would choose what to use when going EVA. For a slow, planned out mission, you could have a pop-up window appear when EVA is pressed. However, many people also need the button for emergency dismounts, time critical stuff, etc. I think you could have a toggle button on the pod the kerbal is in to determine what a Kerbal will automatically EVA with. With this, too, you jetpack fans can always have the button set to Jetpack and practically ignore the tether. Also, it lets you have more flexibility with your pods and design. Want these engineers from a Hitchhiker pod to stay in one place while you control the pilot yourself? Set the hitchhiker to Tether and the command pod to Jetpack. To me, this will add another layer of customizability to the game, and that is the feature most people praise in this game.
  24. If tethers are used, I have an idea on how to make them more versatile. Give them a "hook" that can attach to any ladder-like rung. For example, you could attach it to the pod's ladder, or even those tiny ladders on the Z4k Battery bank or the Hitchhiker pod
  25. Actually, I just downloaded a fresh (and newer) version of ksp earlier to test out airships, and during the loading, I got a crash report. I'll upload it via dropbox here . I think I accidentally included all my crashes, so it should the one or two most recent.