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  1. Hopefully we'll see hex/RGB input for all color options sometime.
  2. The Poodle should only have one bell. Bringing back the one-bell with the quality and style of the new one would be nice. LV-909 needs an option for the legacy gold foil version without needing to use depracated parts. Yes, the new one looks better for streamlined near-future style, but the old 909 has its own style that I don't like seeing fade into obscurity.
  3. For the EVA Fuel Transfer mod, I added these lines to the part config in order to make it usable with the vanilla inventory system. It was copied from the vanilla fuel line. MODULE { name = ModuleCargoPart stackableQuantity = 4 packedVolume = 10 } However, I seem to be unable to pick up the transfer line. Any potential fix? I don't mind re-writing configs, but I'm not familiar with the structure of them in KSP to figure out a fix on my own. It only seems to happen after I use the vanilla construction menu. Before opening it, (using an editor placed part), I was able to pick up the line properly.
  4. I have Waterfall and I absolutely love what it does with jet engines! Hope it's like that in KSP2 I don't remember exactly which configs I'm using but it looks like this https://imgur.com/a/z9qpdqy
  5. Forgot about this mod for a while! Is it known if it works in 1.12.3 by any chance?
  6. I've had to surface attach missile rails and then attach ordinance to those, and then offset the rails a little into the bay so the wings of the AMRAAMs stick out a minimal amount. Kinda frustrating since having a mixed 2x JDAM 2x AMRAAM loadout fits better in the inner-outer positions opposite that of real life.
  7. Kind of like the screen that shows up with the money and science counter when you recover a vessel currently, you could be given three options after hitting the main "recover" button instead: 1. Recover This adds all parts to your available stock of parts (you don't need to pay for them in the future if they're in stock) 2. Store This adds the recovered vessel to some sort of storage system 3. Scrap Converts the vessel to funds like current system in KSP1
  8. Not sure that it would be the one you found, but I recently downloaded Astronomer's Visual Pack and the 8K sky textures and it looks amazing
  9. kerbal heads actually rotating in IVA. Would be cool if a multiplayer IVA was implemented with things like RPM-style screens
  10. My (somewhat unorganized) two cents on the topic. Whatever Take Two decides to implement, there should only be one stock aero model. On the dev team, and on the players, that would make everything easier to facilitating development, creation, usability, and sharing of crafts. That being said, the aero model should not be what's implemented in KSP1. I've only recently dabbled in FAR, but one of the things that stood out to me was the drag model. At a minimum, KSP2 should have a more realistic drag model that gets rid of weird exploits and doesn't force you to think about drag in a non-intuitive way. An example of what I mean about the drag model: When making replicas, there is often the need to clip parts everywhere to get a shape just right or for whatever reason. Or it could be a customized cargo bay for a spaceship, where parts that should be shielded from drag are experiencing drag. This causes things like people creating rather OP engines (BDA Saturn) when in reality, instead of extra thrust, there needs to be less drag. As a side note, I'm pretty sure this is what the node attachment drag thing was meant to fix, but obviously people surface attach things too. On the OP engines such as the Saturn from BDA, by countering excess drag (that shouldn't even be there) with thrust, the thrust makes other aspects of the craft which rely on TWR very unbalanced. I, for one, tend to believe that more realistic = more balanced. Not only that, but enhancing realism should make some things intuitive for new players (attaching parts to a backwards node and flipping them around is one example of something new people would not think of, and is only done as a workaround/cheat of the physics system). With all I've said about realism, I don't think that the FAR-level realism is necessary. Sure transonic flows and whatnot may be an interesting read, but most people will be interested in going to space. They'll probably experience it for a couple seconds when their rocket with 50 boosters first launches on a Mun speedrun challenge. Worst comes to worst, the aero model is like KSP1 and a FAR type mod will come out for KSP2.
  11. This came to mind because I was thinking about how parts like the Science Lab have three sections and a ladder, but the IVA is only in the middle one. It would be kinda cool to be able to move around corridors and the like or have more control of the spacecraft from IVA. This would probably be complicated but I wonder what others think about how the IVA experience could be improved for KSP2.
  12. I'm excited for the automation and regular flight routes. My main wish is that they use the ships you brought there, and you can interact with them and the like, instead of being simulated by say just transferring fuel from a surface base to a station instantly.
  13. For one thing, I'm not a fan of the "everything magically gets better when you add another satellite" idea. It could encourage players to just plop a bunch of sattelites into an orbit without any thought into it. With the KSP1 CommNet, you need to pay attention to the type of relay you have as well as the position, so you can do things like prevent deadzones or put them in spots you know you won't be going e.g. the opposite side of Duna from where you're landing. It's also why I've started experimenting with setting up surface-based relays as well. (I usually play with vac occlusion 1.0 and atmo about .95 or so). While I'm not sure I'd like implementing directional antennas without an attitude-keeping mechanic, I do enjoy the (variable in settings) LoS occlusion that we currently have which still adds a challenge for setting up relays. This idea seems a little too magic-y to me. Just having a satellite enter high Duna orbit shouldn't be able to give my surface base enough signal range if it's occluded by the planet.
  14. Anyone remember the very old "in stock: 999" in the part window? How about recovering costs a little money, but adds recovered parts to their respective stock. If any are in stock, you don't need to pay. Allows for a part "pre-order" function as well.
  15. Getting ToolbarControl working was indeed a proper fix. Now that I have FAR working, I'm happy to see my f-15 replica is behaving somewhat like in dcs, so I'm hopeful venturing into FAR. (gotta love high alphas)
  16. Is it possible to disable the drop-down button for MJ? For some reason, mine is showing up in the top-left corner, covering up the new alarm clock button and time warp controls. Build #1092.
  17. I'm running 1.12.1 Whenever I get the time, I'll try to see which of my other mods may be the cause, but right now I'm busy searching for the new easter eggs added in 1.12. I'm also not running RSS/RO.
  18. I'm running into a problem where I am unable to select either the VAB or SPH in the Space Center view. I am able to select the Runway and Launchpad, but unable to use the Edit Vessel button to access the editor. I used the latest download, putting both FAR and ModularFlightIntegrator into my Gamedata. I have narrowed it down to ModularFlightIntegrator which is causing my problem by placing one folder at a time in GameData. Modlist is in log. I know BDArmory probably has a lot of errors. KSP log
  19. But it would still be nice to see a "Finalized" version with the wheels modified to the new 1.12 standard/system. Plus, making the thread title have a 1.12.X in it might bring more attention to the mod.
  20. All the problems associated with loading vessels in the world. Say, have a fuel depot landed on a certain spot on Kerbin or Laythe. If I'm flying a plane towards it, I get a rather annoying period where the vessel loads. Yes, you can prepare for the 2.4km mark. Yes, I know why it happens. But it is still very annoying to deal with, especially with large vessels which may clip terrain and high part count vessels which spontaneously explode. Whether on my potato laptop or beast pc, there is never a way around it. With the scale of bases and colonies KSP 2 seems to be introducing, I would love to be able to see the colony approach from miles away in a passenger seat of a plane, and not have to a) rely on rather buggy mods such as PhysicsRangeExtender or b) switch to the vessel before it self destructs or sinks into the ground. These types of terrain/vessel interaction glitches on load are the reason for many a repair mission. Perhaps a pre-load with rails of some sort could help? A little off topic, but I think this ties in with a sort of interstellar ambience I would like to see. I've made light ships with no purpose but to travel between a station in Kerbin and Munar orbit, modular rovers that I will never see a practical use for besides the test drive, and shuttles which sit on Minmus for years before I need them again. Setting automated resupply/transport/tourist routes in some sort would be a wonder. Imagine going to your Munbase and seeing a VIP transport fueling up before a regularly scheduled (and automated) launch. It would make the game feel alive!
  21. You can just offset the Panther/Saturn(For BDA folks) into a Mk2/Mk1 short transition for a passable effect. Not quite as good as the Quiztech engine that's supposed to look the part, but for people like me who don't want a whole modpack for a single part, and don't want the VTOL capability anyway, it suffices. Example pic: you should recreate the picture of the Tomcat with each wing at a different sweep
  22. Though maybe the Fullback would need to be mk.2 full size. That cockpit is huge and the half size might make it look too small. Maybe there could be a part that goes behind it to merge the Mk2 and Mk2H with a slight offset down or something?
  23. Answer I just found out by accident: KSP registers the hat as an axis, so you have to set the camera Horizontal and camera Vertical axes to their respective hat "axes". Note that it doesn't seem to support the 45° axes.
  24. In short, I want to configure the IVA camera to a DCS-like method I use with the hat on my joystick, but none of the controls in Input register anything from the hat. Everything else works, whether steering, throttle, or buttons, but the hat just won't work. None of the mods I have should be interfering since I've encountered this on every install I've used, whether modded or not.
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