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  1. Hey all, How do you set up engines such as the ELF Plasma Thruster in KSP InterstellarFuelSwitch in 1.8.1? I've tried attaching it directly to the Molten Salt Reactor and then also the Open Cycle Gas Core Fission Reactor, but it can never go above 0.00001 kN of thrust. I'm obviously doing something wrong, but all the tutorials are so out of date. What makes it even more confusing is that when I deploy the Gigantor XL Solar Panels, the engine can suddenly produce up to 0.00800 kN out of nowhere. Basically, could someone please explain to me how to set up plasma, fusion, and thermal engines in this mod? I can't get anywhere with it. Thanks
  2. When I name my ships, I either go for some sort of Acronym or a word that's usually either an in-joke for me, or suits the mission. I named a space station Archon because I used to play Heroes and Generals with a guy called Arch0n, and I named my Jool mission Hugo because the rocket was huge, and it was kind of a play-on-words of the Juno mission. I used to also go MkI, MkII, etc but then I found out about the Launch Numbering mod that means that successive launches add 1, 2, etc to the end, and launched revisions of a craft are suffixed by a (Bloc I), (Bloc II), etc. I think the names of my craft are fairy organic, and I either get a friend to name it and dedicate the mission to them, or name it when I see the finished product like John Hammons naming a freshly-hatched Velociraptor. Hm...
  3. Well, during a free period I landed my probe 'Rocco' on Dres. I figured I may as well land on Dres for farm some science, and find out if the tiny little lump planet was as boring as people say it is; it was. Then, my probe Hugo made its way to the Jool system, and I've been zipping around the three inner moons for the last hour or so, collecting science where I can! The views are pretty spectacular, and it's really satisfying that I built this huge rocket in career mode, and it's actually doing its job well!
  4. I'm pretty sure the Gravity constant is the same in the Kerbal Universe as real life. I used the real life Gravity constant (6.67*10^-11) in some equations, and they seemed to work pretty well, so it's more likely that the celestial bodies are indeed just incredibly dense. Of course, there is the good point that it is just a game, but I like that people are coming together to try to explain stuff
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