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  1. @Sigma88One question though: Why didn't it affect the Sun AKA Kerbol?
  2. You could check if the user has RSS and if so, use Earth Thank me later
  3. I forgot it's Earth day!
  4. Yeah, it's normal when you are close
  5. It is definetly NOT TextureReplacer
  6. Sigma is Sigma Binary Kopernicus is for OPM FPlanet is my custom planet OPM is Outer Planets Custom Asteroids probably isn't it will try without Texture Replacer Thanks
  7. Hello, so today I loaded up KSP, wanting to play it again and when I was about to put my Duna Space Station into the correct orbit, i see this: I would like to see this problem fixed Oh, and also, my log:
  8. Hello KSP Forums, I am working on a mod, and I need some advice. Could it be possible to, when the player completes a certain task, either edit an existing planet, (so that the next task will be there) or to add a completely new one (as reward for doing the tasks)? Please keep in mind that I only want to do these changes to the save where the player has done these tasks. Sincerely, OndrikB
  9. Nice! btw sorry for not paying attention to what was mentioned "earlier", but I have better things to do than reading through 13 pages. (Nothing to be taken bad)
  10. Please add 1.2 pre-release to the official Site aswell when it comes out, thanks.