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  1. Sounds like the symptoms I'm currently struggling with: In the editor, I can't drag & drop items from the part list into container inventories; I can drag & drop stuff once it's mounted on the rocket, but that workaround does not work for the screwdriver (which I guess is pretty essential; I'm just beginning to experiment with KIS), since it can't be mounted to the rocket. Like eightiesboi, I have Deadly Reentry installed, but not Stock Bug Fixes. Since I'm using CKAN, I don't know if simply throwing in the newest patch is an option for me. Any ETA for it to make it into CKAN?
  2. Yes, yes -- that's exactly the type of ride I'm talking about Of course we need the possibility to strap a rocket engine to its back, just for the freakin' sake of it.
  3. Since the Rover appears to have undergone some major modifications to make it space-worthy, maybe add some fancy greebles to the hood or some such? Also, the life support system should take up some space in the interior, cutting down the (currently rather ridiculous) crew capacity.
  4. A buggy! We absolutely, positively need a 1985 Mad Max-style dune Duna buggy!
  5. The option to enable RemoteTech integration doesn't seem to stay on; when I launch the next mission, it is off again. Scratch that. It didn't stick on first time (not exactly sure why), but now it does.
  6. I refer once again to Wikipedia (, emphasis added): While I am well aware that Wikipedia may not be an authoritative source, it is some source. If you have a more reliable one claiming that steerable skids in general were non-existent, untypical or even rare, or that the Sopwith Camel's tail skid in particular wasn't steerable after all, feel free to let us know. (And yes, asymmetric braking was used in some taildraggers, but if I understand Wikipedia right, it was typically combined with a free turning tail wheel. Besides, as you say, using it in KSP it isn't easy, and it requires action groups -- which makes it an absolute no-go in the earlier phase of career mode.)
  7. Dammit, that's a pity to hear. I was banking on the Friendly Yellow Truck as an efficient means to go places at the KSC to do some science. Looks like I'm still stuck with the Lame Duck approach (read: wingless plane; not enough science points for rover wheels yet). Any ETA for a fix?
  8. From the part description (emphasis added): "You can actually steer with this thing on the tail of your plane", and: "use some of these in a non steering setup on your wing tips for added impact protection". This implies that there should be some mode switch on the part that I can't seem to access in the hangar. The tail skid's ability to steer a plane is also clearly demonstrated at 2:32 in the "Firespitter v6.0 - Biplanes!" video featured prominently in the first post on this thread. To my knowledge, early skid-equipped taildraggers actually had the skid firmly attached to the rudder (which doesn't seem to work with the Firespitter biplane rudder and skid); at any rate, Wikipedia claims that "steerable tailskids" were quite common in the biplane era, and explicitly mentions the famous Sopwith Camel in this context, which after all seems to have been the primary inspiration for the Firespitter biplane parts. Also, how on earth could you possibly taxi a taildragger with a fixed skid? At those low speeds and with the high friction from the tail skid, there is no way you'll be able to use the rudder for effective steering. And from my experience, once you get the plane going fast enough to lift the skid off the ground, any rudder input will cause the plane to yaw violently (which isn't too surprising, given that the center of mass is behind the main gear, and the main gear will have some friction). So there's an effective way to make 120 degree turns, give or take 90 degrees, but nothing I'd call "controlled". At any rate -- something is wrong with the tail skid: Either the advertisment, or the implementation, or the way I'm using it. And I'd really like to know which of these is the case.
  9. What's wrong with the friendly yellow truck? In 1.1.2, it has a nasty habit of flinging itself high into the air just a second or two after materializing on the runway.
  10. What's up with the biplane tail skid? It is supposed to be steerable, right? I can't seem to get that to work (FS 7.2.4, KSP 1.1.2) -- the thing won't budge an inch, making taxiing virtually impossible.
  11. Not sure if this has been mentioned before: CKAN lists version 2.4.13 as compatible with KSP 1.1.2, but the KSP AddOn Version Checker still reports it as being compatible with 1.1 only.
  12. IIRC the craft may indeed have left the SOI of Kerbin unattended; they haven't yet reached the Duna SOI though. Interestingly enough, now that some time has elapsed and the probes are making progress, the symptom seems to have shifted from one of the Duna missions to the other. Maybe there's a "Kraken zone" somewhere on the way from Kerbin to Duna? Equally interesting, it seems that switching from Tracking to the good Duna mission first, and then switching over to the troubled Duna mission in map view, will get me there without this glitch happening.
  13. It does look similar to the "Hell Kraken" indeed, but instead of identical numbers in the altitude indicator there's just a row of blanks. Also, the craft in question is unmanned (or is that "unkerballed"?), so no Kerbal on EVA involved, and no celestial body anywhere near that anything could smash into. Also, the Debug Log (didn't know it existed until now) shows "Look rotation viewing vector is zero" (emphasis added) followed by error "Invalid parameter because it was infinity or nan.", rather than just "Look viewing vector is zero". I'd attach a screenshot, but I'm not allowed to.