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  1. I've Tested IR in 1.4 using the 1.3.1 Download with Reworked model parts and work well I am not having any issues with IR in 1.4 everybody Quantomstrutscontinued also works in 1.4 as a workaround for the weak IR joints Just letting you all know Have a good evening
  2. I'm Back and Going for the Skunk Works Badge My shuttle is slightly Modded(Tweak scaled structure and Fuel,NO OP engines,RLA Mono engines for RCS). Going for Look vs functionality,Can reach orbit + tested it's final approach flies like a dream (NO Flat spin like last time). No full mission yet, still Testing instead of RCS jets this Beauty uses actual Mono Engines with TCA for attitude Control about 20+ Mono engines used Just look at the pic's and be amazed http://imgur.com/a/LyDcR Key for The Action Groups ________________________ AC-1 = Reentry Vernier Pitch Thrusters AC-2 = Reverse Thrusters AC-3 = RCS Pitch AC-4+AC-5 = Attitude Control + Translation Controll AC-6 = OMS Engines AC-7 = one time KS-25 Shutdown + Forward Thrusters AC-8 = fuel cells AC-9 = Tail Airbrakes AC-10 = Final drough chute (!!Warning DO NOT use on aproach you Will CRASH!!) For realism All Boosted Satellites used spin stabilization for the Kick Motor boost to final orbit Easiest way to do it in KSP is put 2 Sepertrons facing away from each other on different sides on the COM and turn off SAS Quick reminder,Adjust the trust so you do not provoke the Kraken.
  3. Im trying this with 1.2.2 You should make this a modpack, because it took me 2 hours to get the mod's uploaded cheers
  4. I have some beautiful American Jet Fighter Replica's Here are the F-35A-F22(B variant under construction Link to Imgur Album Replica's Other replica's coming soon :F-18 Hornet and Super Hornet :F-16 Fighting Falcon :F-4 Phantom: :F-5 Tiger
  5. I am back Speeding mullet Glad this legendary challenge is back I will have a new shuttle shortly Gene Kerman Told be sternly to make sure it lands(in one piece)this time
  6. I Like To enter my fighter I am using more mods than your reconmendations Mod List Quiztech-Cockpit Stock- 2 Panther engines,Tanks,Wings ect BD Armory-1 50 Cal Locked Turret on nose,2 forward facing Locked Howitzers cannons(40 Shots),Weapons Bay for Opt Missiles/Bombs B9 Aerospace-3 Air Intakes-One Form fitting fuel tank(Stock Mk2 Bicopler looks ugly) ----------------------------------------------------------- sats I Play in Version 1.2.2 64x Name:Panther Advanced Fighter(PAF) Part count 47 Mass 12.10Tons T@W-Dry Mode 0.79-Wet Mode 1.35 Maximum afterburner time 16:50:20 Maximum Endurance 01:03:20:00 Msg me for pics
  7. Glad to here it First mission may take a bit because i need to design the Ships, But after that it will be faster, P.s I made a (Mariner 2 and LV-Pioneer 5 and LV-LADEE-Minatour V-With 5 more in progress)
  8. If you let Me Use Tweakscale+SMURFF I Will Do this Challenge in HalfRSS-Stock scales X5 to Smooth over the fact i am using Mods Example- Stock Kerbin-2400 m/s 5X HalfRSS Kerbin orbital Velocity-6500 m/s(this is going to be Fun LOL Instead of going Mentaly Nuts in 5X of the bat I will do Three Missions 1: Stock with SMURFF-FAR-DR(Easy Mode)(To see if i have the patience to do this at all) i picked this one 2:Stock with-FAR-DR(Normal Mode) 3:5X Scale Kerbin(Final Mission) Jeb picked that one /\ I I can do a lightly Modded mission Replica P.S can i use Tweakscale because i am stating that this will be modded P.P.S I have made some cool in game RL replica Spacecraft-Rockets(LADEE-Minatour V was a pain in the A**) if you want pics msg me
  9. Just saying this,but did anybody see those dang meems You hint is on the roadmap page
  10. Sure i will use the RL dimensions and make a full scale SLS Block 1,1B,2 and Orion and to make it ultra realistic i could tweak the config's to get the real engines without RO Msg me if you want to see any other Rockets/spacecraft replica/s P.S in the past i have made a Atlas LV with a working 1-1/2 staging
  11. Im Sorry man i am leaving this challenge for good i went for this challenge in 1.0 and the replica has dissapered to the sands of versions and Time I guess we both will never know if it worked or not. any way great challenge Post me if you make another challenge in the future Bye
  12. Everything on the Launch Vehicle is Tweaked but stock (except the enhanced EUS)even the Orion MPCV is Stock the Duna Vessel is Modded Like HELL Here are the pics Enjoyhttp://imgur.com/a/phij0 Any Questions Post them unfortunately to the Crew-on the box it said(Duna Lander No included) Also SMURFF is a Real Fuel ratio Mod(Making tanks have realistic fuel mass per tank mass because apparently Stock tanks are made out of Heavy Steel and concrete with not much fuel