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  1. Hooha! That's a very good news for this beautiful mod and for all the IVA fans! You seem to know what you're doing, so good luck folk!
  2. If you want the 1.0.5 version download, I posted it some reply ago at page 7
  3. Thank you! What do you think about creating a new thread for the mod, to have control on it? Anyway, good work!
  4. Hey, Sorry for the lack of news about updating the mod to 1.1, I'm not home for the week, and without any laptop. I got pm'd by someone really nice that succeeded to update the mod. I asked him about releasing the update in a new thread, waiting for the answer!
  5. Well, if we're here, that's because we hate not being able to see my ships status while IVA x) Since 1.1 is out and Blizzy's Toolbar & Raster Prop Monitor are updated, I can get to the work. I'll try to do every day report ^^ !
  6. Well, the original coder won't update it (except if we have luck), so I'll try to do it myself. I'm not really good at coding, and the mod is pretty complex / use ksp's library that changed with ksp 1.1 so it will be hard, but i'll try...
  7. Wow again a SteamDb packages Going faster and faster
  8. In fact, there isn't only @KasperVld My stalker status tells me there's @Dr_Turkey and @NathanKell on this HYPE THREAD while @Badie is in The Daily Kerbal (since 00:15)
  9. As @HoloYolo said, remember the peoples that have KSP on store. Please respect one second of silence in this hype thread for them... ... ... thanks
  10. Stalker status : @TriggerAu @Dr_Turkey viewing this HYPE thread. Total staff online : 9
  11. The Hype train went 10 times faster with only a tweet from Kasper... Imagine if they post a DevNotes, but no experimental pre-release x)
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