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  1. Hi fellow kerbonauts! It's been a while since I played KSP and there have been major updates.... I noticed one thing, my cheat window wasn't opening. Is it obsolete?
  2. when I click 'KSP.x86_64' in the directory, it doesn't opens up. I tried opening KSP.86 also but this also doesn't work....pls help!! linux version - 14.04 LTS
  3. do you understand any of it? i do coz im an indian and im proud of ISRO
  4. I've had a new favourite these days...., and its PUBG! tell me if you also like it. I am a pro at it
  5. One direction drag me down well I just hate this band but I like this one. I just love this one!
  6. Even mine! i had a park run here in the Uk and next day my legs were squashed up
  7. Tell what you like more. I like pizza more
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