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  1. I mostly agree with this statement. I don't know of many players on the console platform and the majority is playing on PC. However, completely discontinuing the console version would be unfair to the console players. They could roll out updates less frequently, and focus on the PC version more. It's always good to have a variety and it's a plus point for KSP for having both PC and console versions.
  2. Thanks for that information. I think the forum was at its peak in 2015-2017, after that I don't remember it being as active.
  3. Lately been listening to rap music. My favourites are Lil Tjay and NLE Choppa. The flow with which these songs are sung with seriously impresses me.
  4. Hey fellow kerbonauts! Its been a while since I've been away, more like version 1.2 (2017 I guess). Can anyone tell me how has the game and the community progressed since then? And what's with KSP-2? I'd love to hear!
  5. 10 years? That's INSANE! we might get a major update or something like Eeloo?
  6. I feel like KSP 1 will always have players, including me. Of course, it will hugely depend on KSP 2 but personally, this game is kinda my childhood and will always stay close to my heart (especially KSP 1.0.5, because that was the version I first purchased the game. )
  7. Hi fellow kerbonauts! It's been a while since I played KSP and there have been major updates.... I noticed one thing, my cheat window wasn't opening. Is it obsolete?
  8. when I click 'KSP.x86_64' in the directory, it doesn't opens up. I tried opening KSP.86 also but this also doesn't work....pls help!! linux version - 14.04 LTS
  9. do you understand any of it? i do coz im an indian and im proud of ISRO
  10. I've had a new favourite these days...., and its PUBG! tell me if you also like it. I am a pro at it
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