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  1. What about the Irregular Self-destruction. With that large of a part count there must be a kraken attack at some point.
  2. Looking back some of the rules were kinda draconian so I have decided to change some of the rules and reword some as well.
  3. Kerputnik 1 has been launched by the Koviet Union and the United Kerbal States needs to get a big win to boost moral. The UKS has decided to beat the Koviet Union by launching the first Kerbal in space. But tensions are running high and if a kerbonaut were to land in Koviet territory they would be put in prison and be accused of spying. Rules 1.) The reentry Vehicle must be able to change its landing site during reentry without using an engine or engines in atmosphere 2.) reentry vehicle must do an unpowered landing, that means no jets or rocket engines can be used during reentry and landing. Landing can be done by parachute or by doing a normal landing. 3.) only cockpits allowed are ones 1.25 Meters or smaller, also no external seats. 4.) (optional) Launch Vehicle based on late 50’s early 60’s versions of these rocket families: Jupiter, Atlas, Titan , Minuteman, Vanguard, Delta, Scout and Navaho. Mods are allowed here is my attempt https://m.imgur.com/a/SR9BW this entire challenge is based on this project: http://www.astronautix.com/m/man-in-space-soonest.html
  4. I do have blizzy's toolbar installed and it's not showing up in that. Also the button isn't showing up in different scenes.
  5. So I am running into the problem where the menu button for USI LS won't appear. I have already reinstalled USI LS along with its dependencies but it still hasn't shown up. Here is the output log https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9tgqKwTSEeRakRpZDNqOTk1aVU/view
  6. Version update to 1.2. New textures include: Titan stripes, Orion Checkered, Orion CEV and Convair Blue
  7. This is a texture pack for procedural parts. There are currently seven textures and they are: Yellow, Blue, Red, Checkered Red, Striped Blue and Grey. Here is a screenshot And Another Download Link: spacedock.info
  8. Question, how do you create .dds files for procedural part textures? I'm currently using Gimp with the .dds plugin installed.
  9. Are there any kerbin rescale mods that 1.2.2?
  10. Question on the banned mods is it just B9 parts and not B9 procedural wings or is it both?
  11. Here is my entry for STS-1a pilot rank 1 modded. The design of the shuttle is based of the Von Braun ferry 1952. mods used are KER, Mechjeb, B9 parts and wings, Galileos planet pack, SSTU, Tac LS, procedural parts and fairings, vens stock part revamp, EVE, kerbal konstructs, and editor extensions redux.
  12. Figured out that when I uninstalled Galileos planet pack I didn't clean out texture replacer. Reinstalled texture replacer and that fixed it.
  13. So I'm getting this when ever I go to mapview is there any fix? Here is the output log https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9tgqKwTSEeRakRpZDNqOTk1aVU/view