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  1. Gorgeous work @Galileo made my first landing on Iota today! I was surprised at how polished the highlands were... Disturbingly so. The textures are VERY pretty but the surface looks unnaturally plain for an airless moon :S Perhaps a few craters to mar the surface? Still, a new adventure and an amazing planet pack! Looking forward to more exploring!! The Command module and lander, docekd, before the descent Collecting sceince before the ascent back to the Command Module
  2. Ok, not sure what's going on but I get 'no connection' with any antenna (Communitron 16,Reflectatron DP-10, or the A55S hoop antenna) on the launch pad. All are on, have power, and (C-16) are extended... this is with both the stayputnick and the Avionics package from UKI's sounding rockets. I'm using Galileo's planet pack but there is def. an omni antenna at the space center :S Any ideas?
  3. ...and now it's fine after restarting the game :S No idea
  4. I am relying primarily on RCS, though I did include a big 3.75 reaction wheel in a revised launch (after checking CoM) and unfortunatly similar results... @Rodhern when I get closer to the marker it does smaller circles, but still never aligns 'propperly' - though it did just fine in the same configuration (ie not dropped anything off) in LKO... so I duoono what's going on :S
  5. Hi Guys, Having real issues with my (fairly large) Duna probe in an RT install... my signal delay is up to about 2s and I'm trying to do a course correct ion burn... however I'm having major issues aligning with the manouver marker. Neither the ASAS nor the flight computer can actually align to the node - they just circle around it always over-correcting and wasting precious monoprop. I've checked in both RCS buildaid and as the manouvers are conducted and there's no errant 'spin' imparted by unbalanced RCS. Nor is the probe itself unbalanced... it just burns like cray in one direction, overshoots, and burns like crazy back again, like a beagle puppy on a polished timber floor... My only thought is that the computers can't cope with the sheer mass (and thus inertia) of the probe - it does weigh in at some 47,000kg... Though I packed SpaceYRCS5x7 thrusters in an effort to compensate... Help?
  6. Does anyone know of a MM patch that converts the excellent Kerbalism antenna to function in RT? I thought (my misunderstanding) that the latest update would do that... and RT's antenna are great, but more limited in choice... I wouldn't mind including some of them in my coms network/sats Does anyone know of a MM patch that converts the excellent Kerbalism antenna to function in RT? I thought (my misunderstanding!) that the latest update would do that...
  7. I've switched over to KErbalism for 1.1.2 after being a longtime TAC junkie... I love the extra bits it gives ShotgunNinja! Though the antennas are confusing me (RemoteTech user)... You've got some great looking comms systems here, can't wait to use them on my probes! On the remote-tech issue; will RT support mean that the kerbalism benefits (namely being able to call home) are only in effect when connected back to Kerbin via an RT network??
  8. I love that mods are already becoming 1.1 compatible... especially my 'go-to' parts from SpaceY and visuals like Scatterer!
  9. Thought I might share some of my adventures - firstly, rebuilding my coms network. Cherub-MRCS The Cherub is OMI's medium range orbital relay. Designed as a 'one size fits all' this little 1-ton satellite (and it's high powered omni-directional antenna) functions both as the base for the LKO-Munar network and as a ready package for any other string-of-pearls style deployable relay for extra-terrestrial applications. She packs an organic propulsion system good for about 560 m/s in vacuum, and a strong solar array to keep the batteries charged and the satellite transmitting even at Joolian-level orbits. Finally, her fat battery packs give her about an hour's darkside endurance, suitable for most of it's usual orbits. Whether you need to direct a rover on Duna or fly a Telescope to the poles, the Cherub will carry your messages safely and reliably! Four Cherubs currently service Kerbin with two more planned to extend the coverage around and past the Mun.
  10. I love RT and TAC life support for the same reason
  11. My preference is science- While I can appreciate the extra challenge financing can add, I just... I've been playing Kerbal so long I don't feel like the restrictions it adds through cost contributes to my gameplay.... Kerbal for me has always been about insanity, overengineering, and limited practicality. Having to pay for things... limits without fun. However, I LOVE the way the tech tree (Specifically the CTT) slows the game down a bit and adds a sense of progression and achievement through the research and science accumulation... fostering nw imaginative designs through some limitations and the new tech (when you unlock it!). It makes it more exciting and gives a bit more structure - "Right, I've got the bits I need to make some sort of Duna flyby probe... and that should net me the science to get there with a kerbal..." - that kind of attitude. I'm really happy with how squad seperated out the tech and full career modes for that reason. So yeah, that's how I get my fun out of the game!
  12. Alkem


    Usual story; longtime lurker firstime poster. My KSP adventure started way back in 2011, I purchased the game prety early and it's now the single most played game in my long PC gaming History! doesn't matter what happens, I keep coming back again...and again....and again...and again! Had my first real need to tech support, so I made a forum account and figured I'd get all community minded and the like Al.
  13. Hi all, Developed a bit of a bug it seems. KSP: 1.05 latest build running forced gl Problem: Every time I try to launch a rocket (either from VAB or directly from the launch pad) I get a similar bug as Cetera did here. Basically, the rocket will initially load just fine, then the screen will go black except for the GUI elements - though the Navball will also simply be a black circle (surrounded by the g meter and the throttle which look normal), and the Altimeter (at the top of the screen) will just be blank cards -not even reading 0000. The game will not respond to most keyboard commands (ie I can't stage or launch the rocket) and will start to freeze up. It will respond to the 'ec' key and I will be able to return to the Space center- where instead of the space center on Kerbin I just get a starfield. There is one exception - one rocket I have made with the flea booster, a hecs probe core and a modded ariel (d loop 500km omni) does not suffer this bug This first occurred when I tried to change to a forced directx 10 launch, however I have since re-downloaded ksp and established a new install, copying the gamedata folder from the previous install over. I then updated, and later removed, ven's stock overhaul and the Texture replacer (assuming it was the same bug Cetera had) to no effect. I also updated Kerbal Engineer and FIrespitter (I was running older version that generated 1.05 incompatibility warnings on load) - again to no effect. I have restored backed up saves. Again no effect. My suspision is the directx10 load corrupted one or several of my mods, and I'm hoping that people will be able to tell me which one. Next time I backup my entire KSP install! System Specs Win 7 Ultimate x64 InteI3-6100 8 gig RAM GTX 760 4gig Output Log: Mod List Infernal Robotics Atomic Age AutoAsparagus CTT B9 Aerospace CactEye Deadly Reentry Distent Object Enhancement EVE Scatterer DMMagicOrbitalSCience MFI KerbolOrigins Kopernicas KopernicusExpansion LeTech ModROcketSys Near Future (everything) Planetshine PreciseNode Realplume SCANsat SpaceY-Lifters SpaceY-Expansion TAC Lifesupport Trajectories DynmaicTExtureLoader FAR Achievments ActiveTextureMAnagement ProceeduralFairings RCSBuildAID RemoteTEch RSCapsuleDyne USI Tantares KerbalJointRe-enforcement RCSSounds ASET BoxSat Coatl Aerospace Crytanks Cryoengins InterstellarFuelswitch I'm currently rebuilding a new ksp install from the stored mods (rather than copied gamedata) into which I'll oad my original pre-dx10 save (still backed up) to see if THIS resolves the issue, though if someone can identify the problem in the meantime you'll save me hours of work! Edit: Well re-building my install and transferring the persistance file (minus the saved ships/assemblies in case they were bugged) seems to have done wonders Re-built my kerbin-kom network without issues. Last time I force Directx! Currently running KSP at around 3gig RAM used from a VERY hefty modlist.