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  1. NavHud seems broken in 1.8, and plans to update?
  2. Kerbal Alarm Clock seems to have a bug setting ascending and descending node alarms in 1.8
  3. I would love it if the "Launch KSP" button disabled itself after clicking it for 5-10 seconds
  4. I have built a gas station at Minmus and Ike. I think I have also built a ferry capable of flying between them with enough delta-v to ignore transfer windows. And so my question is: Should my ferry leave Minmus/Ike directly to interplanetary transit, or would it be better to get close to Kerbin/Duna before departing?
  5. That's about what I'm doing without FAR. On heavy launches I have a tenancy to have nearly a full Kerbodyne S3-7200.
  6. I have a few tourists who want to orbit the sun. I put them in a ship and fly them past Kerbin and take them home. The contract does not complete. I am running: Docking Port Alignment Indicator KER NavHUD KAC
  7. Can anyone give me a rule of thumb for atmospheric delta-v to get to orbit. Due to the limitations of the transitional version I have been arriving in orbit with far more fuel than I would like to.
  8. I toyed with using puff's for my last stage on crewed vessels. And I will use them if I want extra thrust on a monoprop only vessel, but more often than not I just use RCS thrusters on those.
  9. I'm not worried about the assent, the airbrakes and fins are attached in such a fashion that they are jettisoned prior to take off. Though on another thread someone suggested sticking an extra heat shield on top to act as a counter balance for drag. I vaguely remember reading about a mod that allowed the shielded docking port to be used as an attachment node in the editor is this (still) a thing? Edit: I have been unable to get the rear facing landing to work. I am currently trying prograde entry and am getting further. Is there anyway to attach to shielded docking ports in construction? Is there anyway to stage docked components (I want to carry up the heat shields on the bottom of my lander and move them to the top, and then ditch them through staging when I open my parachutes)? Also, are there any stock fins with a heat tolerance greater than 2400K?
  10. Well I've gotten rid of 5 heat shields and added 90 airbrakes and am still having problems. I will read through the thread you linked.
  11. I am trying to make an Eve lander. I am testing it with Hyper Edit. It will finish landing and return to orbit, but currently it flips at around 3000 m/s on descent. I am thinking that I should fill the bottom tank; it is currently empty and exists to provide a launch platform.
  12. Building an Eve landed I have come across two minor changes that I feel would be helpful to many. 1: Make stages collapsible, similar to sets of decouples and engines, but add it to the entire stage. I have lots of parachutes on two separate stages and lots of engines on other stages, construction would be much easier if I could collapse stages that I am not working on. 2: Adjust explosions to be somewhat more realistic. Empty fuel tanks should not explode when they hit the ground.
  13. I am getting a 0 reading for delta-v and twr with atmospheric Eve using a Rhino.
  14. NavHud is one of my 4 must haves. My Minmus Mining base would be useless without it.