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  1. Just tried this build and seems to have no problems, thank you by the way Tex and Speadge I wasn't sure what the problem was, it could have been I installed remotetech wrong, duplicate files or something else. I tried searching for an answer but this seemed to be unique and I ran out of ideas. This is the first game I've used mods with and as such don't have enough experience and yes I don't expect modders to find a fix straight away after every update. If it seemed like I was complaining I'm sorry, I did suspect it was a problem on my end as no one else seemed to be having the same problem.
  2. Hi, I've found a bug most likely caused by remotetech, after the recent 1.1.3 ksp update I found I couldn't launch an unmammed rocket. The main problems are "T" and the space bar don't work, these actions couldn't be clicked on either, has anyone come across anything like this? also I've deleted my add ons and isolated it to remotetech, any help would be greatly appreciated.