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  1. So in short we aren't, right guys?
  2. As far as I can remember I used my medium sized one man ssto till 10,000 feet, rolled the plane 180* sideways and closed my engines, lights, everything, I came down on the dependency of the atmosphere, the ssto was slowly pitching up whilst coming down and the speed was insane around 400 mps (I guess, maybe it was around 300) as soon as I hit 2000 m or so, I pitched up, without engine or anything, and the plane slowed down insanley fast (though my pilot took 8gs), I deployed gears, and had a bumby landing on not a runway, but on plain bumpy terrain of grass, no brakes or so, the plane just went on and on until it reached an uphill slide and finally slowed down, due to which I lost a tail fin. You don't see that everyday, do you?
  3. I have been pretty inactive for a while now as there is no recent large scale scientific drama/event/news is happening, which also has left me uninterested for you know, knowledge hunting... So shall we discuss anything which is big and may come possibly in the near future? Or is happening right now?
  4. Why isn't anything interesting happening in science


  5. Guys don't hate on me but what Nibb31 says is the hard truth. There is no point colonizing planets right now, first we need to fix our own world. Once perfect enough and we have loads of extra resources, we can explore and colonize for science. Especially if it benefits us with resources like Karbonite in KSP... A very BS example I have (in a retrospective) is the lore of Independence day. They made ESD because they needed to survive from outside threats... A bit optimistic what I said, but better than being that edgy teen who says nothing will happen.
  6. I made a post where I implied that species could be unimaginably different, I still disagree there is a paradox, the only thing which makes this a paradox is that we communicate through light, which is the fastest method we have (enlighten me if there is any other before you get ready to out irony me with arguments) which is still really, really slow for the vast universe. And then there are other things such as light years, which makes things more confusing. But the truth or common sense is this - We are slow compared to the universe. And thats why one day it will be difficult for us to explore it.
  7. Somehow will come up with a pseudo smart argument that they are also made by gods, are gods, prank by governments, accept it yet still be delusional about god, civil war, anarchy blah blah blah I mean people say that dinosaur fossils were put by the devil to confuse us ffs...
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